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Also, dibs on your soul.

Guess who's posting this.

Like, actually guess which user this is.



Um, you.

chris pratt

Chris Pratt?


Evergreen maybe








yeah idk

Idk any users





The guy posting this question. aka AbrahamLinkedin

Is it... me?

Antimony pentafluoride?

Dandelion fluff

I have no idea. I spend most of my time in the forums, and I don't know who asks most of these questions. There's probably a ton of people who aren't on the forums at all, and they're basically invisible to me. Random guess: Antimony Pentiflouride

theo. it's you.


i don't know any users names here because id on't go on the forum


Stefán Karl Stefánsson


nah, I'm good

I don't use the forums. ever.

That one.

nobody I know






There are some tricks to figure out somebody’s name here

Vampire Flutist.




Fatty the fat guy? Boldt?



Not one person guessed me. Disappointing. And yet Chris Pratt was guessed twice. I guess I'm quite forgettable. Sad.
Sad indeed
I thought Kylljoy was Chris Pratt's online alias.
I guess we'll never know for sure
I thought Kylljoy was Chris Pratt's online alias.

If that were true, would it change your Bacon Number?
Which of your fingers do you think is the dirtiest?



Right hand ring finger. Idk why, but that’s my guess

middle finger, obvs

My left thumb. I don't know why, I just think it is.

right thumb

Thumb? It´s the most necessary when picking things up, no matter what other finger you use to press against it.

Right index

Index or thumb.

my middle finger cause tats what i use to finger my dad


The one up your mother's ass

What do you mean?


Middle. It shouldn't be so vulgar.

my thumb is always on my phone and my phone is prolly pretty nasty

My ring finger on my left hand, which makes no sense since it's literally the most useless finger I have.
the left pointer

i dunno probably the pointer finger on my right hand

Judging by my nails, my middle finger on my right hand. Makes sense, I had to lift boards out of dirt today and mostly used that finger to lift them up, lol.

probably the middle one on my ass wiping hand



pointer. You use it to text etc so it's used more often.

Pointer. I touch everything with my pointer finger.

middle one


My pinky. I use pen, so it smudges a lot. Sometimes I use my left hand, and then it's a lot worse.

Thumbs are frequently missed during hand washing.

Index, right?

the one covered in dirt

Ring finger. I rarely remove the ring and sanitize either it or the skin underneath.

Currently my left thumb, because it was slammed into a car door the other day

right pointer because I clipped it wrong as a kid so the nail is permanently curved all the way around

The index

depends, which of them can I shove up your pussy

My left ring finger.

The thumb
Wow this one went so well thanks guys.

How is your general social anxiety from 1 (literally cant speak) to 10 (charismatic casa nova)?
I'd give myself about a 4. I can do conversations ok, but things do tend to break down pretty quickly and I rarely have an interaction without misspeaking somehow.

  • 3. Pretty much same as you, but a little worse. When I talk a lot, I tend to misspeak, stutter, slur, and everything in between. I need time to myself often to "recharge my batteries"

  • 4 or 5

  • 4 also

  • I fidget with a ring on my finger if I'm put on the spot. Where would that put me on the scale?

  • i cant tell

  • same-ish

  • Like 2.5

  • 10 because your generation is a bunch of pussies

  • I'd say 6 or 7 is fair. I'm very good at making pleasantries with strangers and communicating effectively, but it's really nervewracking to me and I don't think I have charisma.

  • about 4 also :/
I guess i mostly just lack social skills.

  • 4-5. I can function and usually keep up in most situations but sometimes flub a word. I can speak in public if I prep for it but suck if I have to wing it.

  • 2

  • Yeah, I think I'd rate a 4, too. I'm a mess when it comes to social situations.

  • 4

  • 3

  • About the same. I use alcohol to assist me when possible. Takes me from a 4 to a 7ish

  • I used to be a 3-4, now I'm a 5-6

  • around 6?

  • 6-7

  • It honestly depends on the context and the situation but I guess I'm about a 6.

  • okay i'm not gonna lie, i'm a solid 8. i will do the m o s t to not have to talk to other people, even my close friends and family sometimes. i'm utterly terrible at holding conversations and trying to host stuff, and i'm just terrified of anyone who isn't me

  • uh like a 2.75

  • Idk, 7-8?

  • Three. Conversation always gets killed by me, but sometimes I have good days.

  • I like to think I'm a 5 on average. Some days, I'm antisocial as hell and other days, I just speak what's on my mind. I'm mostly in between, though.

  • 7

  • 2

  • 3 or 4 on a good day. I feel like there are too many ways that a conversation can go poorly. I always feel like I'm in a play where everyone else has a script and I have improvise. I'm very bad at improvising.

  • 6. I can manage conversation with people I like but close up tight around people I don't.

  • Yeah, about a 4 here too.

  • I’m a 3.

  • 2-4

  • 3.3, I can order stuff at a store but expressing emotion in a conversation is out.

  • depends on the day. Most of the time I'm at a 5, but it'll drop to a 3 fairly quickly.

  • 6
Do you vape?






Hell no.


Yes, I vape...


(I’m grateful that so many of you said no)
I am sure they exist, but I can honestly admit I've yet to encounter anyone even remotely like the stereotypical obnoxious vaper.
Oh I have, they're a lot of fun.
I can’t tell why, but I associate that stereotype with dubstep.
Well, the Obnoxious Vaper stereotype would probably call their musical taste "eclectic" and act superior about only liking "the good dubstep". And then walk smugly off in a Cotton Candy cloud.
From what I've heard vaping not only looks as ugly to me as smoking, but it's also way more dangerous, since for a lot of it, it's just full on nicotine that's getting put into someone's body
That’s not necessarily true. Those juul pods that people say have as much nicotine as twenty cigarettes - that’s the point. That’s what they were made for. 20 cigarettes = one pack of cigarettes. The idea is to go through the pod as fast or slow as you’d go through a pack of cigarettes. The other kinda of vapes - they also have tons of nicotine in the fluid because again, the idea is go through it the same pace you’d go through a pack of cigarettes. It only takes about one drop of the liquid to make enough vapor to inhale. . I think people might just enjoy the fact that they can make thick vapors from it and think it looks cool so I wouldn’t be surprised if people intentionally got lower than normal fluids to put in their things and that is pretty bad for lungs. I also wanna remind everyone that smoke, any kind of smoke from any source (even weed and incense, you damn hippies), always has more chemicals in it than a vapor composed primarily of three different chemicals. Smoke from biomatter (plants, animals, etc), also always has these fun chemicals in them called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, almost all of which are carcinogens. They’re actually primarily what make up smoke. For comparison of properties (not toxicity), PAHs make up a big part of crude oil. Don’t vape though, addictions are bad things.

That’s the real reason to not just take up vaping if you’re not trying to quit smoking.
If I had to choose one or the other I’d say vaping because they have different flavors and well smoking cigarettes are nasty and they give you bad breathe.
...I vape...
I think the biggest current health concern with vaping is related to the heart (that's what my psychiatrist has been telling me, but she also used the jewel pod argument), but I agree with what Antimony is saying: vaping is definitely healthier than smoking. I actually wish I was vaping more instead of smoking. I keep finding excuses to just smoke. Rn it's legitimate (somewhat): my vape isn't working. But then again, I bet if I just get a new battery, it'll work fine.
ok but can you please actually explain it?
I had a feeling it was playing on the word "come".
You see, the young nun is being conversant in informing her colleague that the route they are taking is unfamiliar to her, in her words she has not come this way before; the older nun misinterpreted her use of the word come, assuming she was saying cum. This changes the meaning of the sentence somewhat as it implies the young nun has not reached sexual climax in this manner previously, and the older nun justifiably points out that it's likely the shaking of the seat, as they are cycling over cobblestones, the induced vibrations may be seen as pleasurable.

Overexplaining jokes ftw.
Whoever has been posting about Adam Neely and The Licc... 27 30 32 36 30 24 27
..Oops. I just copied a question + answers to my clipboard (or at least, I thought I did) before deleting the question. But now, trying to paste it here, I have nothing. Oops.

Anyway, the question was about how to get a toy out of the toilet after my kids flushed something they should not have done.
Several people said detach the toilet (argh we just had a plumber out doing that after the wax seal desintegrated, can't be bothered going through that again), some said snake it myself (maybe but I don't want to buy one), two said get a coat hanger. Turns out, the coat hanger worked beauty and I retrieved a fairly large plastic Christmas tree ornament. Intended to look abstractly like an icicle, actually it was more like a 5" shiny red plastic turd-shape...appropriate, given where it ended up. Anyway, I got that and a piece of barnacle (why) out of the trap on the third try and ever since then, no trouble with the plumbing. All's well as ends better, so my gaffer always used to say.
people can tell what fandoms I'm going through just by my posts.
My favorite answer:
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