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All games: Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout Tactics, Van Buren, Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, FOnline, and various other expansion packs. Which is your favorite?
Fallout 1 & 2 have great story and setting, which Fallout 3 was missing. New Vegas felt like much more like a true successor to the series, as it also had a really great story and setting. Fallout has a fairly complex world of different factions, and an in depth history. Fallout 3 really didn't get into that much.
Fallout 3 may have lacked the excellent story and setting of the earlier games, but it definitely made up for it in gameplay. The gameplay in Fallout 1 and 2 was just terrible. Transforming it into a first-person game was a genius idea.
I've really only had experience with the games released in the last couple years, so I can't base an opinion on the first two without making a fool out of myself.

Out of the two I have played, I think that New Vegas is the superior one. The fact that the entire game takes place in the Mojave Desert (where I used to live) is an added bonus.
I've tried the first one, but it just didn't do it for me. That's probably because I don't tend to like turn based games, I prefer action.
I don't mind turn-based games, but the gameplay for Fallout 1 and 2 felt like it didn't flow very well to me.
I didn't mind the gameplay once I got used to it. It kind of sucks when you're at a low level, but it becomes a lot more fun when you level up. The main reason I liked the games, is because you could do almost any quest without killing someone. You could talk your way through almost anything. And the sheer variety of dialoge options was amazing. Almost every S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stat has an effect of how you talk to people and how they talk to you. For instance, if you intelligence is low your only dialoge options are things like, "huh," "wah," and "errrrrr"
I was killed before I got to the first objective. Ran into like 6 giant mantises.
What was the first objective?
Go to the other vault.
Yah, you're not really supposed to go straight to the vault. You have to stop at the first village and start taking side quests to level up. The main quest is actually a very small part of the first two Fallout games.
Oh, so there's a village near the vault? Is it similar to Megaton in the roll it plays in the game?
New Vegas is fun. I've had the most fun finding the Easter eggs, such as (spoiler alert!) two burned skeletons outside a burned house named 'Beru' and 'Owen'. I'm proud to say I got that reference immediatly. I might've watched too much Star Wars as kid...
Holy Frag Grenades, sitting on a table next to a sign that says,"Count to three".
Anyone else find the Rats of Unusual Size? I laughed my ass off at that. :P
I never found the rats, but there are two members of The Great Khans names Jack and Diane, which I though was pretty awesome.

The village is near the exit of Vault 13, and I think it becomes important in Fallout 2.
It's still hard... But I figured out how to run away.
I found the rats by accident, but can't quite remember where they were...
I found them before. They're in a cave with a unique vamint rifle.
This intrigues me....
Anyone else found a FatMan in Vegas yet? I did! I'm so proud of myself.
I haven't found the fatman, but I did actually stumble upon the prototype Tesla cannon, which I was proud to find without the help of the Fallout wiki.
I want to play so bad. It's taking forever to ship my xbox back.
I found the Prototype Tesla Cannon too. I was hoping to find a Vertibird Sword...
There should have been a sword there instead of a Tesla cannon. I think the cannon should have been in the Boomer vault.
Anybody play through the add-on? Gold bars weigh 35.00 whatever weight system is used... I took ten minutes trying to take them all, when I realized I didn't need them...
I'd advise against taking the gold bars. I did and ended up stuck inside the little room.
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