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Bethesda: "It's already broken."
So Todd Howard admitted that the dialogue system in Fallout 4 didn't work very well. I'm glad they acknowledged that and hopefully won't try to use it again for the next game.
Anybody know how to install mods? I'm trying to install Project Nevada, with limited success.
Learn how to use the Nexus Mod Manager.

Takes a little bit to get it set up properly and figure out the ins and outs, but once you understand it becomes real easy to download and install the mods.
Guess I made a mistake last time I tried to install it. It might have been my using the Nexus Mod Manager, instead of the Fallout Mod Manager. Works like a dream now.
And in a shocking turn of events, Vault Tec turns out to be up to no good!

I'm playing through Nuka World and I don't know how I didn't see that coming before I even stepped foot in the Vault Tec attraction.
If you know anything about Fallout's backstory, you'll know that the vaults were never intended to save anyone.
If you know anything about Fallout's backstory, you'll know that statement is completely incorrect.
The Vaults were created as social experiments. A small few were set aside for the actual advertised purpose, like Vault 8 in Fallout 2. All the others are a series of horrifying experiments.
I was under the impression that the vaults basically existed to test how different things affected confinement for the Enclave, who were planning on leaving the planet for a new one.

The residents were used in a series of experiments, like guinea pigs; they went in expecting what Vault-Tec advertised.

Vault 106 had a hallucinogenic gas pumped through its air system. Vault 92 experimented with white noise to plant subliminal thoughts in its residents. Vault 13's door never closed properly, exposing the entire population to radiation and turning most of them into ghouls. Vault 87 was used to test experimental cryogenic technology. Vault 34 had no recreational facilities, but instead had firing ranges and an overstocked armory.

The residents were never informed of the experiments.
I cast "Animate Dead"!

So, BethSoft's Creation Club has gone live. I'd like to hear your thoughts on the matter.
It's kinda nice that they can poke fun at themselves. I'll never be paying for mods though.
Seems like it's being very poorly recieved.

The mods are preloaded onto your PC as batch files! You could the entire thing for free if you can compile the data into a .ESP file, and since you already have the files, it's not illegal.

Further, much of the stuff on there right now can be found for free on places like Nexus, just altered slightly; the X-03 Hellfire Armor and Chinese Stealth Suit, especially.
There's also some issues with Creation Club and F4SE. It has to be updated every time they add new things to the Creation Club.
I've noticed.

Is there a way to roll back updates for the game?
ecr674 said:
It's kinda nice that they can poke fun at themselves.

I'd give a hearty chuckle if the Skyrim horse armor was free, but they're actually charging you for it. Pop Boy color reskins? Are you fucking kidding?

I was expecting full fledged quest mods backed by Bethesda's resources, but instead they chose the laziest route possible. This is NOT how you launch a platform that's already on hot water.
Yeah, if they had launched with Someguy level quest mods with voice acting for 2-3 bucks, maybe it would be different.
I saw this thread when browsing around and wanted some help. I picked up the first Fallout when it was free for a limited time and I have yet to touch it. It would be my first time playing a game of it's kind and would like some pointers. Tell me anything and everything I should know.
Are you looking for gameplay tips?

1. Sink points into Small Guns, even if it isn't one of your tagged skills. You will want a dependable ranged weapon out there, and Small Guns will carry you far in the game. A lot of enemies, especially critters, are dangerous in melee range, so it's best to pick them off before they have a chance to close the gap.

2. Invest in the Energy Weapons skill. Once you hit mid- to late-game, energy weapons become available, and they are powerful: better damage, and AP costs comparable to their kinetic cousins, they quickly prove their superiority.

3. Go for the eyes! Use your Aimed Shots to target specific parts of your foe's body. Smaller targets, like the eyes or the groin, have bigger accuracy penalties, but have greater chances to do critical damage. So, if you're skilled enough, you can hit a deathclaw in the eyes from thirty paces, and likely blind or kill it in short order.
I'm looking for all the tips I can get, from boderline backseating to quality of life tips. I would love to hear everything you got.
I recently played all mainline quests in New Vegas, and am wondering if there's any interesting side-quests, DLC included, that I should do.
Did you do all the companion quests? Those are pretty good.
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