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I hate chess and I hate checkers, so I got a backgammon board and I’ve been playing myself in it lately. It’s an interesting game. Anyone else play backgammon?
I've played it on planes with in-flight entertainment. Pace of the game is a little slow, but it's nice
I love backgammon. I never have anyone to play with though.
Backgammon is rad. I have a super cool old backgammon set I inherited from my grandparents.
Y’all wanna find out a way to play online? I can’t say that I’ll be challenging or that I’ll always have time, but hot damn this is the first I’ve seen anybody say they like backgammon.
I'd be down! It's been years since I played, so I'm probably more than a little rusty myself.
I quite like it, too.

Happy to give it a go if you can find a site.
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