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Anyone want to play rainbow 6 siege on Xbox with me
message me
I do play Siege, but I play on PC. Haven't played in a while though, but I am looking forward to the new operators.
well i could play terraria on steam if you want to play
Lol, Terraria is quite the leap from Siege.
Mozzie is quite interesting, with my only experience being people shooting my drones constantly. I do wish they'd fix the glitch where it wouldn't show that a drone is defender side for I shot a twitch drone that was ours thinking it wasn't a bit ago.
I'm just toxic blitz
So, how about that Lion rework nerf?
well I don't think that it is a nerf I just think that lion mains have to play him differently such as later in the game and in tough moments...
we all know that alibis holograms can really help by giving away the attackers location
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