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Does anyone here play total war games?
I have played most of them, starting with the first Shogun through the more recent Warhammer...

However, I believe it is encouraged by admins to discuss video games on the existing Video Games thread instead of creating new threads for each game... >.>
Oh whoops sorry
Oh whoops sorry
Since other games had entire threads I thought it would be ok
It's all good. I think the issue is more when threads are created when old/dead threads already exist for a game; but I'm no admin... (though double, and triple, posting is generally frowned upon.)

Are you a fan of any game in the series in particular...? :)
I find that I really like the original rome
I also like rome 2 (its much better now) but I'm also just better at rome 1 (just like every other total war player lol)
I'm familiar with Rome least of all in the series. I only ever played Rome II (because it was like $5 on steam at one point) but only for about a day. What would you say is better, or that you like more about it, than part 2? Any reason you like Rome more than other titles in the series?
One feature I really like (while only being cosmetic) is the fact that you can actually look at the city on the battle map anytime you want. Also the generals battle speeches are always fun. I also just like the campaign map (even if its historically inaccurate) i don't know what specifically about it that I love but its just one of my favorites
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