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'Ello, I write horror stories for fun, interested in reading one?
I read it, and the ending made my stomach twist with fear! Lovely job!! Grammar wise, maybe check your "its" vs "it's", and more sentence structure variety would add a little spice where you need it. Other than that, the concept, the imagery, I enjoyed it so much! I'll be looking forward to reading more! Great work!
Thank you for the advice, I fixed some things, I hope it's better now.
Can this thread be used to post horror stories that we wrote/ like or no?
YES. I would love to read other people's horror stories, and I'm sure other people would too, just put a link in.
I can't read your doc. Maybe make it public?
Strange... I'm posting on google sites, so the entirety of the public should be allowed to view... then again, this is my first time using google sites... any tips?
Unable to access document?
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