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Any recommendations for small or otherwise generally unknown anime/manga that might be fun to read/watch. Webcomic recommendations work here as well.
Idk if it counts as little known but Junji Ito is great.
If u got time. Try Naruto, One Piece, Haiyku, One punch man,A try. Sword Art if u a noob to it. My hero or dr. stone are rlly gud rn.
I found this manga at the library. Hadn't heard of it before but it was really good. Called "Hollow Fields."
I'd recommend Houseki no Kuni
Watch Made in Abyss, it's a fun cave adventure with an unforgettable twist.

*gasp* you found the top secret anime recommendation! It's Boku no Pico!
Prince of tennis is a nice Sh┼Źnen manga
Sports manga with the works
Worth checking out
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