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this is a thread to talk about games in the Metroid-Vania genre, such as Metroid, Castlevania, hollow knight, and others of the sort.
The whole metroid prime trilogy is amazing. Flat out amazing. It’ll never get old no matter what console I play them on. I have a Nintendo Wii that I almost only use for the metroid prime trilogy disk. Every time I visit my parents, I play it at night.
i haven't gotten around to playing prime, but I play a lot of classic style metroid-vanias, such as "super metroid", or, as I mentioned above, the ever amazing "Hollow Knight".
Recently really got into this genre when I bought Hollow Knight. Great game. In the mean time I also have been playing Blasphemous and have had my eyes on a few other games.
metroidvania's can be a bit hard to get into, but once you do, they are a lot of fun.
I've always been a huge fan of Cave Story.
i've wanted cave story for a while
Treasure Adventure Game
Extra Mario Bros.
extra mario bros? what's that?
It's a ROM hack of Super Mario Bros. that changes nearly everything. It's SMB1 mixed with Super Metroid and whatever you think that means, this is even better. Try it!

You'll need the original SMB game file, a patcher (Lunar IPS is easy, just keep in mind it patches in-place so take a backup if you still want the original base file.) and of course a NES emulator (BizHawk is the shiniest).
Oh, so kinda like this speedrun.
I've watched that dual randomizer before, it was a blast., it's a single game. The look and sound and theme and overall feel are a smooth mashup of SMB1 and Super Metroid. I heard of Extra Mario Bros. from seeing a TAS published (which I put off watching until I had played the game myself). I highly recommend trying it out because it's fun, and I would like to direct further inquiries to the game itself because it's hard to do it justice in an explanation : )
I've been a fan of the genre for a long, long time, and Hollow Knight really sort of scratched that itch for me. Glad to see it's getting bigger recognition. Also just a beautiful game in general.
If you wanna talk beautiful we’re getting into ori.
Eh while ori is beautiful, something about the art didn't quite click with me. It's probably because I ran into more than a few visual glitches

Edit: the first one at least, have not played the second one
I played through ori and the blind forest and from the trailers I have seen on Ori and The Will of the Wisps, it looks super fun. I'm really looking forward to playing it soon.
I absolutely loved Shadow Complex until I ran into a glitch that completely broke the game for me. I went somewhere away from where the game was indicating I go, and I activated a cutscene that got me trapped. There was no way to get out and no way to reload the save because the cutscene saved the game. I wrote a very angry post on the devs' website and they banned me haha.
I also played one castlevania game on gameboy, but I don't remember which one. It was also a lot of fun, but i also got stuck on a boss which was way too hard.
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