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For all the avid cubers out there
Tips on getting sub 20?
i can barely get sub 40, and that was a few years ago
I remember the days
cubing club
huh, I didn't expect people to post on this thread
Tips on getting sub 20?

probably focus on lookahead; really depends on where you are though
Sorry can’t help you I struggle with the cube
What are your guys favorite 3 by 3?
I used to do this years ago...

My latest speedcube was the DaYan ZhanChi (though I had most DaYan 3x3 cubes at some point).

I had to Google it to remember what its name was... and now I see there are magnetic versions??
yeah I think they just recently rebooted the zhanchi with a magnetic version (I think it was that one at least, might be wrong)
I think you guys mean the tengyun
I was referring to any magnetic versions... I don't remember those being a thing years ago. I guess they are legal in competition considering they are so popular? I'll have to buy one and see how it works.
They are. And unlike some years ago, stickerless cubes are competition-legal.
i solved my teacher's rubik's cube last week. i think he was impressed.
Impressed shmimpressed.
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