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For those of the population who just gotta go fast.
I’m currently working on my Wind Waker any% no MSS later manip run.
Is this for any game?
I have around 1 hr 25 mins on SMO.
I only casually speedrun it like once a year.
Yeah, any game.
I just can’t get the item slide superswim to outset from dragon roost, I always sploosh or run out of speed.
You'll get it eventually.
Just gotta keep practicing I guess.
I know, but it’s finnicky.
Have you ever seen the subnautica survival any%? Its insane!
So I mainly speedrun wind waker HD and A Link Between Worlds, and I’m doing alright on both, but Wind Waker deserves more respect, I think.
It’s not as respected as other games in the speed running community, even though it’s an achievement to pull of some of the runs at all.
I speedrun portal 2 and I am bad at it but it's fun
I play SMM endless easy, but I'm not that lucky and get long levels
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