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Soooooo who else is playing New Horizons since they're stuck at home quarantining? :)

If anyone would like to add me, my FC is 4627 8272 5120. I've got a Mabel's and I'm keeping an eye out for good turnip prices!
I am very jealous of everyone's blossom trees, whereas I am heading into autumn.

I only got it Monday so everything is a worn in progress still. I'm loving it, there's always something to do but without pressure to do any of it.
I've been playing like obsessively. I have Nook's Cranny, The Able Sisters, 7 villagers, terraforming, and enough bridges and inclines to get around the island without taking tools out, for the most part. I've only used terraforming to make paths and to make rivers easier to get across, as I have a lot of rivers around my island from the start. I have all the fruit trees and a lot of flowers. I want my island to be like very lush. I have a lot of weeds for that purpose too.
I don't have any of the late game stuff yet, since I'm not doing time travel. Lemme know if you ever get really good turnip prices though!

Today was my friend's birthday, and since she obviously couldn't do anything in person with friends, she invited us all over to her island and hosted an utterly adorable celebration there. We spent like two hours whacking each other with nets and blowing party poppers at each other. One person brought sheep hats for everyone, too, which was hilarious. :)
I also don't time travel, just got it early and play it a lot. I'll post if I ever have good turnip prices, though.
I'm finally getting to start beautifying my island, which is exciting.

I Moved my initial villagers' houses to my residential rise and the Able sisters opened their shop today.

I spent a good twenty minutes crafting every bunny day recipe last night to appease Zipper. Was thoroughly disappointed by what it got me.
I am really enjoying the new shrubs and hedges. I made a little hedge maze today and it's very cute
I'm late to the party: 7187-9636-4106

I'm just working on moving buildings right now and figuring out roads. It took me a while to just jump in because I was so afraid of screwing things up, but I think I have everything figured out now.

Also, if you want a Discord link to an 8k+ member chat focused around buying/selling turnips with no obligation to pay or tip, send me a message and I'll give it to you.
Reviving this because I can.

Super disappointed by the cherry blossom event. Halloween sort of cancelled it out so while the petals were there none of the characters acknowledged it and Isabelle never gave out the diy recipe. I only got two recipes at all.
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