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I have an addiction pls help.
A few years ago, my roommates and I dusted off my old Rock Band gear and played the shit out of Rock Band 2 and 3. They're not the hardest or most individually involved rhythm games, but they're probably my favorite just because they are so co-op centric and bring people together.

I haven't played it a whole lot, but I think Dance Central is my favorite of the dance games. That's probably because it's the most involved. It's the one game that took the most use out of the kinect and showed what it can really do. DDR is also up there, just bc nostalgia. Just Dance was pretty fun, I think because despite limitations on the hardware, they actually had like professional choreographers just for the game because of the hype around them. That's pretty cool.
Nice. I’ve started collecting games recently, and I’ve been building out my DS library. I recently picked up the original rhythm heaven. It’s not the longest game, but it just has so much charm that you want to get a superb on every mini game.
I have an r4, which means that I have all 3 versions of taiko no tatsujin for ds. including the region locked ones.
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