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Halo is great. Here’s a Halo thread.

I downloaded the master chief collection and I’ve been playing them in order of the story from Reach, CE, 2, then a brief pause in 2 to start ODST then back to 3 then 4. I just started ODST.
Some Destiny friends had me play Reach. I never really connected with the characters?? But the custom games we played were very fun.
I still have the t-shirt I got for pre-ordering Halo 2. It doesn't fit anymore, but I can't bring myself to get rid of it.
Dude, same. I love that thing so much.

I just finished Halo 4. Fuck that was so good. I still wish everything got explained, but there’s no way they could have done that. Like where did the Flood come from and who exactly the fuck was the didact. Also that fake out at the very end with John’s helmet. The Cortana stuff was alright. Got a little tiring at points, but interesting they put it in there. 4 was kind of weird. So many indoors levels. I had been wanting to fly a pelican for so long though.
You can fly a pelican in Reach. You just have to jump through some hoops for it.

I have a Noble Team shirt I got from Hot Topic in middle school. It was too big for me when I got it, so it fits fine now.

I think ODST was my favorite story, H3 was my favorite matchmaking, and Reach was my favorite for custom games. I spent hours and hours in custom games in 3 and Reach. My xbox got the red ring of death, but I still have a hard drive full of custom games from 3 and reach. Some made by me and my friends, and some were downloaded online (Halo on Halo, Tetris, and Jenga were a few).

Sorry to maybe heat things up right away, but I stopped playing after 4. The story didn't make a lot of sense to me, the enemy AI was not nearly as intelligent, and the multiplayer took too many steps towards CoD. I know people criticized Reach for copying CoD with the loadout thing, but you didn't like buy new guns and stuff when you ranked up in Halo until 4. I heard H5 had good multiplayer but a really bad story. I didn't even give it a try at that point.
I played halo 5 when it first came out and completely forgot about it, it's not memorable at all. good graphics though. And on not having things explained I know they have books and lore and jazz, there're vids on you tube that talk about lore (really interesting stuff)
You have to be careful with the lore though too. 343 retconned a lot of the out of game (and some in game) content when h4 came out I think. Another reason for me to dislike post 343 halo content. The wiki is probably helpful, haven't checked it in a while. Maybe it's like the star wars wiki and it's separated by pre and post retcon.
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