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This Video Game Characer is My Fave! I Drew Him in 30 Mintes!


<color value="#ilikedthecharactercreationsysteminsonicforcesikindofwanttodrawmyoc">this may be a sh*tpost</color>
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you may or may not need to only use <color value=white> now
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Petition for Blake to update the color pallete picker to reflect the new forum conditions. Just make it a drop down or something.
here's more you didn't ask for:
I love the dynamic poses you're doing with these.
Nice job, I'd like to draw like that too someday
feeling a bit out of it today, so here's some ma-simpel sketches of classic sonc the fastest hedhonc alive
<color value=white>edit: can't tell if i'm getting better or worse at doing these<color value=white>
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edit edit:

i might make alt account for second fastest vidj james charter draw.jpg's
this is so effing out of place.i'm absolutely going to draw it.
Am I the only one awaiting this with baited breath?
This thread is great.
I highly doubt that you're the only one in the thread that is waiting for Sonic with a gun, if that's what you're referring to
Don’t worry, I think it went well
Thank you, @u/fattythefatguy
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You've really got those sonic style eyes down pat.
Thank you, @u/ecr674
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