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Having been mesmerized by Michael Flatley's Lord of the Dance I finally decided to try it. I have joined a tap dancing course and have been sweating ever since :D
It is absolutely exhausting. I couldn't be able to do it professionally. I suck so bad but I LOVE it. It is a little something that I do for myself, that I practice at home. It gives me energy and it brings me joy!

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Oh my gosh, wasn't expecting to see a thread about Irish dance here! I danced all through middle school but had to quit in high school and never got as good as I wanted to. It was super fun while it lasted though. How are you taking lessons, some kind of online course?? It's something I've always dreamed of getting back into but I'm not sure how that would be possible.

I'm Irish, and Irish Dancing is a very common hobby that my friends took part in as kids. My aunts, who were born to an Irish mother in the UK, even won some presitgious medals as kids/teens! I never was able to tak part, as I started school far too late and the waiting lists were a mile long. I used to practice with my friends when they were about 9 years old though, it's veyr fun but also super intense.

I am still quite envious of my friends who can dance, as I have two left feet. Irish dancing in particular is so footwork heavy, it takes a lot of skill!
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