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I like nail art and no one in my life gives a shit.

Everything I do is with gel polish on natural nails. I was enjoying stamping until I destroyed my stamper. And sticking kids' craft glitter on always looks good. I am clearly no pro. It's just fun

Here are my favourites from the past year. Excuse bad photos, I don't put a lot of effort into that part, it's just to remember what worked. My application is also not very clean. Idk if that link will work. Oh well

I did streaky purple design today after failing at an ombre of the two colours.
Oh look, nailfies.
I liked the last one best, with the violet-on-cream swirl. Looks like seashells. Was that the one you mentioned?
Yes that's the one. Thank you! Yeah you're right it does look like a shell, I didn't notice that
How does one get into nail art? It seems cool
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