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I like model trains, but I don't have a very big layout. I really like it and I enjoy meeting other people who like model trains.
that sounds rly interesting. I don't have any tho :/
It's not a cheap hobby, but it's fun. It's also fun to find cheap deals on things in second hand stores and whatnot. I recently got A really expensive train set for cheap.
What do you like most about model trains?
Wow what a necropost
Eh. Not really. It's not like this thread was 10 years old. It was still on the first page of threads here in hobbies, so I'll allow it.
What do you like most about model trains?

The thing I probably like the most about model trains is how customisable the track is, as well as the easy storage of the smaller scales. You?
Well, I love the locomotive part about. The way that they are based off of real locomotives and the major contrast between these tiny little replicas and the ginormous, hulking awe of the live locomotives.
Another thing I like are the different liveries you can get them in. You can get a plain silver car, or a bright orange and red car, and everything in between.
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