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OK, so I set up a discord group so we can use voice chat. But I'm also open to other options for voice chat if people prefer something else. I'm sort of learning as I go. I'm part of another group that uses discord and it seems to work.
I also asked a question and I plan to direct those that answered here and/or to the discord as well. I'm hoping to get enough people in the same place to sort of organize and plan how/when to play. I'd say here would probably be the best hub of sorts for organizing the group and organizing games.
But, if we're open to discord for voice chat, can I get people's discord usernames so I can invite you to that group? I just think games are more fun with voice chat (following the SHHH rules of course).
Also, this would be a fine place to talk about among us generally as well, even if you don't want to play with TCaS as a group. If you had a good game with others, have a question, talk about game updates, etc.
Seems like a pretty solid idea to me! I'm up for it. I'm eriophora#6178 on Discord.
Titanlord237#9909 on discord
I dont have discord but I like among us with friends
Huron#4685 on Discord.
oligodendrocytes #7843 on discord :D
Hey I can post a direct link to the discord too
you guys do realize you can link your discord to your profile right

I'm interested but the link is broken

ya can't add me tho, i has to add you
he is god. he is #0001.
probably just nitro
I'm kurmisthefrog#7236
bro every time i'm imposter the other guy is somehow always negative iq and screws me over by either
1) only sabotaging comms
2) killing in plain sight, then getting upset when everyone knows it's them
3) calling me out when they made a stupid play and got caught
4) overall being an insufferable doofus
it's like they don't realize that if i defend them when they clearly messed up, everyone'll know it's me!
it's so infuriating because not only is that an issue, they're always making stupid plays to begin with!
ugh i'm too salty for this game
As an imposter, it's kind of every person for themself. Like yes if I can tip the tables without raising suspicion I will, but I will 100% throw you under the bus if it means we will win.
The goal isn't to survive, it's to win. You do something dumb I'm hopping on that bandwagon so fast.
yeah! if only i was paired with someone sensible. like you, coldfrost!
a puppy just died
twice, it seems.

Among us would definitely be cool, but I'll refrain from sharing my discord for now. I'm sure it's linked somewhere on my profile though.
I am sent a friend request, I will play, I'm that ender dude you saw answer the question (by the way).
welcome to the forum!
last game the other imposter got voted off immediately because he made the dumbest play. he then proceeded to lock doors every chance he got, basically shutting me off from both setting up kills and sabotaging. complete idiot.
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