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Hello fellow gamers, far and wide, I would like to know the games you play, whether it's 1, or 100. Please reply to this forum with the list of games you currently play on an average basis!
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
Zeus + Poseidon
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

The top two are games I always return to. Binding of Isaac Rebirth is about to get a final DLC and I'm very excited for that. Zeus + Poseidon is a city builder that I played in my childhood and it's just nostalgia and good times and good vibes from that game, so I play now and then. Sometimes continuously, other times I start making a city, abandon it for a few months, come back and play a little and repeat.

The bottom two are games that I am currently playing. I recently purchased Witcher III, quite enjoying it so far. I like running around collecting flowers and discovering new places on the map. I like games that allow exploring after your own fashion. Keep Talking is a multiplayer cooperative game, where one player is at the controls and the other player sits with the bomb defusion manual. I play it with my SO and we've been having fun, but now we're coming to the final bombs and things are getting stressful. It's fun when you manage to defuse the bomb, but you generally need a few tries before you do.
Opus Magnum
Karlson 3D


i have valorant but i dont play it anymore. The games are too long
Cyberpunk 2077
Monster Hunter World

It's been a week or so for either atm.
Man, KTaNE is such a fun game. I really need to bring that up with my friends again.

As for right now, Tabletop Simulator and Rhythm Heaven Fever.

There are so many board games for TTS that I couldn't list them all in one post from memory.
I picked my top four PC games right now - these are the only games I have ever bothered with leaving a steam review.

Stardew Valley - I love this game above all others. It is a farming/resource management sim with a lot of heart. I really appreciate that the creator made the entire thing solo: Music, animation, programming, art, dialogue, story, etc. He also continues to put out free updates with an absurd amount of content. Its super fun, there is lots to do, and it just makes me feel good.

Banished - This is more of a city builder. Start out with 10ish people based on your starting conditions in the middle of nowhere with limited tech, build up your little town into a sprawling city. Build buildings, assign jobs, clear land, trade, mine, farm, shepard, what have you. This has a very excellent soundtrack for the gameplay, and it is difficult without being stressful. The mod community for this team is excellent, and there are endless ways to modify this game to give you new challenges.

The Long Dark - I just finished part 3 of 5 story mode on this bad boy today, and I gotta say I am blown away. This is the loneliest, most beautiful open world apocalypse game I have ever played. There are no zombies, and minimal combat, but it will get your blood pumping with the stress of surviving. It takes place in the dead of winter in the middle of the Canadian wilderness after some geomagnetic event killed all tech. I cannot recommend this one enough. There are two more chapters to the story on the way, I would say each chapter is 10ish hours. There are also separate challenge modes and an endless mode which adds very good extra content.

Fort Triumph - this is probably my most recent pick up, after meeting some of the team who created it at PAX. Its a physics based turn based RPG. You play a team that may consist of a ranger, a mage, a paladin, or barbarian and just beat up bad guys. Story mode goes a little too ham on the humor in my opinion, but it is a great little game to play when you have anywhere from 10-30 minutes to kill. You level up, get stronger, and try to take over all of the forts on the map. Apparently there is a co-op mode as well, but I have never tried it out.
Skyrim, Vermintide 2 and Total War Warhammer 2 are my most played games by faaaaaaaar.
crush crush
doki doki literature club
dead by daylight
confess my love
emily is away
at home alone
xoxo droplets
and of course, roblox
Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing, Hades
Doom 2016/Doom Eternal, Stardew Valley, and Maplestory are games I have often said are my favorite.
I have played an obscene amount of Dead by Daylight and hated every minute of it.
I have played almost as much CSGO, hated every minute of that too.

Majora's Mask too, almost forgot. It's up there in my list but I always say the other three first.
I don't know if I'm weird or unique. I only play io games most often. My main ones now are, 2, and One has teams. One has chat. One has both. Perfect.
This inspired me to play until I got carpal tunnel.
ecr674 said:
This inspired me to play until I got carpal tunnel.

It's literally impossible.
Team Fortress 2
Rocket League
World of Tanks
World of Warships

(All on PS4.)
Hey I also got back into world of tanks recently, and warplanes. Couldn't believe warships was the largest download of the three.
Yeah, that seemed odd to me. That's the most boring for me, honestly, but it's not a bad game.
Conker’s bad fur day
Metal slug
Marvel v Capcom 1&2
The binding of isaac afterbirth
COD cold war
EOS Skyrim
i’m no longer embarrassed to share personal information about myself like my favorite video games. let’s do this.

tied for first, splatoon 2 and sm64. both super fun from a gameplay standpoint. love sm64 for the tech stuff and splatoon 2 for the lore.
tied for third would be persona 5 and smash 4. both profoundly fun games that i really enjoyed. fifth is probably minecraft. list very subject to change because i’m planning on playing a whole bunch of new stuff over the summer.
Virtual Console/Wii Ware games
Rom Hacks
Virtual Console/Wii Ware games
Rom Hacks

our lists are almost the exact same
only if by virtual console you mean vc sm64
and by rom hacks you mean the sm64 variety
I use emulation for N64 games

I use multiple rom hacks
fun fact wii vc sm64 is the only version that can be beaten 0x any% isn’t that wild
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