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I know the most important think when it comes to producing [electronic] music is getting feedback.

i know nothing about producing anything other than EDM but ig u can post it here

You can post your track here and other people can give feedback whether they know about producing or not.

The only rule is You must give feedback to the most recently posted track before you post your track</i>

Have fun sharing music!
Hey, that's so cool that there's a thread for this! I'm trying to get into prod, I'll post if I ever make anything and would be happy to give my noob opinions on other people's stuff
i forgot i made this. I should send my track here
Well, I suppose to get the ball rolling on this thread...

This is an old track I wrote for a Pokemon parody game I was going to make in Crayon before I ended up scrapping it. It was also my first time working in Musescore after previously composing in Garageband (boy does the Musescore string selection suck). Thoughts?
I liked that, though it definitely would've been better with non-musescore instruments
I really liked it. I feel like some EQing of some harsh frequencies is necessary tho.
Here is a wip I have

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Reviving this thread because I need feedback

I really liked it. The subdued tone into the more brash finish kinda reminded me of Terraria or Deep Rock Galactic. The really calm underground moments followed by quick and aggressive fights.

This is the first draft for one of several boss music tracks for the larger-scale RPG game I'm working on. It's intended to sound somewhat like Russian folk music, but I haven't finished the entire thing yet, so it just loops the first melody for now. I'm going to add more over time, I just wanted to get some feedback on the general sound and feel of the song.
Love the feel. A few comments:
  • Beginning could use a bit of formatting. Maybe a small rubato, and possibly ending on the leading tone instead of the tonic to give a sense of continuation. Some articulation could be interesting as well. The first few notes are more natural on repeated listenings, but initially it was super jarring.
  • There seems to be a lot of sustained notes together at certain points. Whether it's a type of pedal or a bunch of held notes, it makes the piece feel very thick, which contrasts to the folk nature of the Russian Dance.
  • Your pizzicato strings are very nice. I wish they came out a bit more across the whole piece. There are certain intervals halfway through the theme that sound dissonant to the base (like the last few; the phrase moves to the tonic, but the pizz strings are playing some dominant or leading tone interval, causing a lot of dissonance on where your phrase is trying to end). The first time through, there's some super high notes that seem like the pizz strings, which are super off key.
  • I love the percussion and how you used it only in certain parts. It works well with the structure. However, in the parts that don't have percussion, the dynamics could be adjusted a bit to offset that missing beat.
  • When the percussion goes out the first time, it also sounds like you drop the bass, which flattens the sound profile of your piece. This makes everything sound muted, especially coming off of a thick section.
  • The sudden diminuendos at the end of a few phrases feel like audio compression blips rather than formatted diminuendos. Possibly extend the diminuendo to a note or two before?
  • Instrument selection is top notch. Everything feels like it has a purpose, rather than being put in to fill some aural space. I think this ties into hearing more pizz, but most of the registers for the instrument seem to fall close to middle C. Maybe you don't need more high register, but having a bass line with more presence can add character to the Russian feel.
Overall, love the piece. It's got great potential, and the melody and most of the harmonization are a perfect feel for what you're going for. The comments above are just a few picky things that are only slightly off; if I weren't paying too close attention to the music, most of the comments would likely be missed.
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