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I know the most important think when it comes to producing [electronic] music is getting feedback.

i know nothing about producing anything other than EDM but ig u can post it here

You can post your track here and other people can give feedback whether they know about producing or not.

The only rule is You must give feedback to the most recently posted track before you post your track</i>

Have fun sharing music!
Hey, that's so cool that there's a thread for this! I'm trying to get into prod, I'll post if I ever make anything and would be happy to give my noob opinions on other people's stuff
i forgot i made this. I should send my track here
Well, I suppose to get the ball rolling on this thread...

This is an old track I wrote for a Pokemon parody game I was going to make in Crayon before I ended up scrapping it. It was also my first time working in Musescore after previously composing in Garageband (boy does the Musescore string selection suck). Thoughts?
I liked that, though it definitely would've been better with non-musescore instruments
I really liked it. I feel like some EQing of some harsh frequencies is necessary tho.
Here is a wip I have

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