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I’d like to get better at art, I’m not very good at it right now. The best I can do is draw a decent looking stick figure.

I guess if other people also want art advice they can come to this thread and post their art for critiques
please help me with art aswell

sorry, no can do
it's hard to explain

Short version:
Pick what you want to practice to draw.
Draw it once kinda small and kinda fast (a couple mins max)
Stand back, compare to subject (if possible, overlay and do a direct comparison)
Understand what the differences were and where they came from
Iterate and improve
Spend hours doing this every day for decades until you die and then someone will buy your stupid painting about daffodils or whatever

sorry, no can do
it's hard to explain
What the fuck is this supposed to mean
it's supposed to mean that it's hard to explain how i do art, silly!
Go on Art Market. That thread has so many good artists. Ask for some advice there.

Don't ask for advice on the Avatar thread. They get weird there.

I'll still link this Art Market.
i dont understand why you guys love advertising your own threads so much

im a good artist and im not on there :/
W_Licky said:
Go on Art Market. That thread has so many good artists. Ask for some advice there.

Don't ask for advice on the Avatar thread. They get weird there.

I'll still link this Art Market.
from what i can tell, that discussion is more about trading pixel art than giving each other advice
What helps me is drawing things that I really like. Like trains.

So, draw something you like, keep practicing, get critique, and you'll get better eventually.
This is gonna sound silly, but just doing art seems to help and its just the setting time aside to do it that's the hardest part to do, at least for me sometimes.
Setting aside time to practice the thing you're learning is the most important thing to do when you're trying to learn anything. However, it's important to actually learn from practice too, especially if you don't have infinite time to dedicate to this.

I personally suffer from working on something for hours and just keeping the attempt that happens to look almost right. It looks close, but not exact, and the next one is never better (and sometimes worse) because I don't have a clear idea what I'm trying to aim for and what I need to change. It's inefficient at best and a complete waste of time at its worst.

Making practicing a habit comes first, but learning which specific aspects you want to improve and methods for practice should come immediately after.
I need help. How can I draw my face realistically as fast as possible? I have my contours all done. I just need the values.
Mainly for realism, your really have to pay attention to the proportions of the face. Before everything else, you have to make sure that everything is proportional.
Line weight and opacity is also pretty important

Usually drawing something quickly comes from practice
Can I see what you’re working on, if you’re okay with it?
also this sounds like a whole flood of words because I’m in class right now so I can’t make a super detailed and helpful thing for you until I have more time
No, I will not let you see my face. It's a good contour I made so it does look very much like me.
How am I supposed to give advice when I can’t see it

Oh well

im a good artist, i swear.
You can lie about a lot of things on the internet
apparently if you focus on drawing what your eyes see and not what your brain wants to see can help, or at least, for me.
yes thx
Thanks for the help, now I can make a better looking shaded stick figure
my shading's currently kinda shit, and i can't find what dark shade of yellow i want every time i make pixel art. if i did find what shade of yellow i wanted, i would've taken 15 or so minutes just to find it. and that was just an exaggeration, i guess i just take 5 minutes.
With colors like yellow, the shadow usually needs a bit of tint to it or else the colors may look kinda muddy. Usually, it might look orange or brownish.

What I would do is to make the orange color already on your pfp more saturated.
thanks. i keep thinking that if you want a good shade of yellow, you need to add more red to it, but then that just makes green or smth stupid.
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