ForumHobbies ► Do you like .io games?
If so, and if you know, then post which one you like the most.

Make a part of your post give a fact of the game.

it's not actually a game, but you can play games on it.
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(play some on
On another site I use, people are always posting " crosshairs". What is krunker?
an .io game
its weird
e-bag said:
What is krunker?
a fast-paced fps game
anonymous, you forgot is great one

played it a frick ton in 8th grade
oh. how did I  forget
What tf is And IDK why I forgot slither :/.
Another FPS
Thanks for joining the gamers, BroncoBoy18. You've gotten good.
You're welcome
this game actually looks pretty fun

do you wanna play bonkio with me?
I can't rn
anyone wanna agario?

(How do you link two YT channels to your TCaS page? I have this channel and an agario channel)
i'm in school rn

so sure why not
agario is a game simple as big eats small game. Umm...... complicated and hard.
Do you like trolling?😂😂 its so funny when you get to troll ppl. But yea io games always causes RAGE and wanting REVENGE and stuff like TROLLING and CHEATING is ALLOWED on mobile (macro feed button).
Yay I found the .io games thread!
oh thank freaking goodness

also hey i was already following this thread that’s neat
WIsh I could get back on bonk rn.
Whats that?
me too lmao
Think my daughter played something called
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