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discuss all your favorite roblos games that you've played before. if you don't play roblos and you think it's trach, and for todlers, then get off my 🅱️age, because all you will see here is ROBLOS.

examples of roblos games are:
gun game
phantom forces
bad business
black magic 2
city 17
scp: roleplay
i used to play this roleplaying game, the roaming dead. it's basically the walking dead but a different universe i think. haven't played roblos since my laptop broke, though
Typical colors 2, counterblox, and the mimic are my favorites
Armored Patrol, The Conquerors 3, Steam Era, Clear Skies over Milwaukee, Submarine Roleplay, Warship Roleplay, Seacrest County Railroad, Streamlined, Natural Disaster Survival,
I mostly just play random games with my friends to see how we can do stupid stuff in them. The only games I play on there that I think are good are games like:

Shadow Run

That's it, just shadow run. Most other games are either too buggy, too childish, or too easy for me to take them seriously.
i play westbound. i'm more on the cowboy side. personally, i stick to hunting outlaws and trying to convert them to cowboy, but they just won't listen.
"if you want cash, find a different way to get it."
and they become an outlaw again! most of the outlaws i find are easy catches, but some of them are challenging. they spam shotguns and constantly resist arrest. some are a breeze to catch, they don't even fight back.
currently i'm playing city 17 again, since that's a cool half-life 2 game.

i just got promoted to CCA.c14.03 yesterday, so i got access to the radio and an SMG.
I play mainly Roblos occasionally just to revisit old favorites. I don’t play much new games because I think their quality has generally gone down and it takes some digging to find good stuff.

So I play Blood & Iron, Randomizer, COALESCE, Armored Patrol, Urban Patrol, Hedgerows, Stealth, and Flood Escape.

Edit: Which City 17, Cheeseman? I see several Half-Life groups on Robloc.
the universal union
I am embarrassed to admit that I like roblox.
He do be playing Roblox.

And there's nothing wrong with that.
What can I say? There’s fun games on it.
What's your favorite games?
On roblox? Phantom forces and murder mystery 2
those are good games
Great choices of games. You have my respect.
Phantom forces is overrated. It was the first really good shooter on Roblox, I'll give it that.
you should try world of magic. even if the bandits call you a weakling when you're armed to the teeth, it's still fun, depending on what kind of person you are. and yes, phantom forces IS a pretty fun game, except for the shotgun spammers that are rank 200, or aa12 buyers, or bfg50 buyers.
i still play roblox to this day, and i've gotta admit, i found a few GOOD AS FUCK games, like lionhearts: crusade or dead winter, i think it's called? dawn of dusk: the border is also pretty cool, but it kinda wastes time. so does vikinglaw's TSU. call of chivalry, too is a pretty good game with fair mechanics.
the scenery in roblox obbys are just so pretty

i liked the escaping the hotel one
i hate the scenery in roblox obbies

i only like those plain old sky obbies, those are good.
edit: there's also land of the rising sun, where you start as a peasant on one of japan's regions, then work your way up to join a clan and take over a region.
oh yeah sky obbies are very pretty as well

honestly they are so classic
ikr, also i never remembered broncoboy has a scratch acc
I played counterblox when I was about 8 or 9, but have not played roblos for a very long time.
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