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Just wanted somewhere to talk about these. JUST TALKING! Do not post pictures like online comics or screenshots because that's going to mess up my access to this thread. Only talking. The only images allowed are TwoCans profile drawings.

TC&S Republic

Special Countryballs:



Vodka-Drunken Russia

United States of Fat Americans

European Union Ball

Strong Badiaball


Modern Countryballs Collection:

United States

United Kingdom

Poland (Yes, Poland is upside-down. Poland is always upside-down. That's the rule.)





Israel (Israelcube. Should be transparent. Don't know if a rectangular prism is ok...)

Singapore (Countryball name is Tringapore. And the dish is chilli crab.)

Kazakhstan (Countryball name is Kazakhbrick.)

Nepal (Countryball name is Nepalrawr)

Chile (Countryball name is Chileworm)




Bangladesh (sure, call it Banglaball.)



Vatican City



Marshall Islands

Historical Countryballs Collection:


Empire of Japan

Nazi Germany

Ottoman Empire

German Empire (Reichtangle)

Austro-Hungarian Empire (coat of arms are glasses)
Why is Poland upside-down? Indonesia isn't and that makes the two look the same. And Monaco has a darker red but its still basically similar.
australia is upside down, not poland.


I feel like I’ve seen these exact same images before on different websites
That's because you have.
TwoCans Ball just happy

What other emotions/expressions?
we need a 'Murica ball. not america, 'murica
Licky do you mind sending me the Poland Ball to act as a template? I can’t use the circle tool.
I have a template I use for each countryball. I'll give you that.
How did I not know this existed
Make a brazilian country ball
That's it.

You're going to Brazil.

The United States isn't holding anything... maybe a cheeseburger? A bowl of grease?

Poland doesn't need anything. It's Poland. Upside-down Poland.
Also why has nobody noticed that France's eyes weren't finished?

Oh, didn't notice that.
W_Licky said:

The United States isn't holding anything... maybe a cheeseburger? A bowl of grease?

A gun
y e s
Italy Ball.

Italy made some pizza! Anybody want some? Hmm? Well? I'm sure you all are hungry.
We need a commie ball.
agreed comrade
W_Licky said:
Currently Modern Countryballs Collection
current, not currently
I did it...

It was so hard.

first figuring out how the heck I'm supposed to fit a full sickle and star and hammer in a tiny spot

then make the fur hat

and that musket

this was by far the hardest one to do and I now feel accomplished as I am done.
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