Fun facts about every area in sm64! Starting with the castle grounds, I'll be sharing one fun fact a day!

Castle grounds: You can get onto the castle roof without 120 stars using a floor triangle to the east of the castle. Triple jump such that your last jump is facing the top of the floor triangle, make sure mario is facing downhill and you can jump with enough speed to ledgegrab. From here you can easily lakitu skip, grab ledge next to out of bounds and die, blj the floor in front of the stained glass of peach, or make your way to the top of the central castle spire with a triple jump parallel to the first set of walls, followed by walking up the slope on the left side of the top spire. You can also enter a black room of death by only doing the first triple jump onto the spire, then dive-rollouting into the wall. (I'll explain how this works in a future post.)
you were serious.

explain how the BLJ works and how they patched it in the Shindou version

also explain the Shindou version
one fact a day. come back tomorrow and i'll answer questions.
ok, answer that one tomorrow then
i suck at super mario 64. i’ve never tased it in my life and my 16 star speedrun pb is abysmal. it’s only something i enjoy a lot, a far cry from being something i’m good at. i know a lot about the game, but it’s almost completely surface level stuff (in terms of the technical side of things.)
you were serious.

explain how the BLJ works and how they patched it in the Shindou version

also explain the Shindou version

i’ll go more in depth on it tomorrow morning but the shindou version of sm64 is the updated version created for the rumble pak / n64dd. it patched out some glitches and includes an easter egg on the title screen. the blj only works because the sm64 devs forgot to create a cap on the amount of negative speed you can have (going backwards.) since a high speed forces you into the floor sooner, you can chain many of these long jumps together in quick succession. each successive long jump in the backwards direction increases your negative speed. the shindou version very simply added the negative speed cap.
i like talking about the game. just don’t assume i’m genuinely knowledgeable or good at it lol. all my knowledge of the game comes from youtube.
fact 2, castle grounds:
the bridge to the right of the starting pipe, the bridge to the castle that runs over the moat, and the area just outside the door to the castle foyer all have hangable ceilings.
fact 3, castle grounds:

you can enter vcutm early by pause buffered bljing on the sand slope near the cannon followed by a single jump angled toward the loading zone. this is due to the fact that mario’s jump height is a function of his speed, meaning that if you have enough backwards speed, a jump will give you negative net vertical movement. this negative verticality is enough to put you under the grate and activate the warp.
fun fact 4, castle grounds:
generally, two methods of forwards speed conservation are used in the tas lakitu skip. the first being two speedkicks, followed by a slidekick, followed again by another speedkick. The reason why the first two speedkicks are used is to conserve speed over a hill, which a slidekick can't do because it puts you in a sliding state. In a flat space though, slidekicks are generally favorable as if you input them frame perfectly, you can accumulate about 90 forwards speed (sliding speed. non sliding horizontal forwards speed is a bit harder to maintain) the last speedkick is used to set up a double jump. as mentioned earlier, jump height is a function of speed, so having high speed prefacing a double jump allows you to jump much higher and much further, bypassing the bridge entirely while still conserving almost all of the speed obtained from the first hill.
fun fact 5, castle grounds:
peach's castle and the area surrounding it is a map made of exactly 871 tris. a "tri" is a three sided polygon used to model every 3d object in super mario 64. this is opposed to 752 tris used for the mario model, or the 208 tris used for the alternative mario model in far away shots where mario is in motion. back in the early era of 3d models in games, complex character models with many moving parts (like limbs) weren't a single mesh. rather, these models were comprised of several smaller 3d shapes smushed together to create a single model. this made it easier for animations to play out without it misshaping the already low poly-count 3d models of that era. while we're on the topic of polygons, it's worth noting that the area just behind the roof of the castle are not walls as you may incorrectly assume. rather, it's an area with no ground beneath it. the game really doesn't like putting mario in this place if it's able to, and it is referred to as "out of bounds." any area with no floor beneath it is considered "out of bounds" and mario is only able to push up against it.
mini fun fact, it's possible to softlock by taking small fall damage and activating the lakitu text at the same time by jumping from the top of peach's castle on a new save file.
second mini fun fact, there's a typo in yoshi's text box at 120 stars. the typo is "Mario, it that really you?"
fun fact 6, bobomb battlefield:

here's an explanation on how bomb clip works. pick up bomb, throw. you pick it up as it's exploding such that it's in a bloated state. in this bloated state, the bobomb's object is constantly intersecting with mario, causing the collision between the two objects to push mario back. you can use this speed to transport the bobomb to the gate with the star. assuming you're fast enough throwing the bomb will give you the extra push you'd need to clip the gate entirely. this is because throwing an object will place mario a few units backwards. as mario is pressed up and facing opposite to a wall as this happens, the game has no choice but to push mario to the area behind the wall. it's fascinating, really. can't believe i know all this and more about the game but still can't consistently get bomb clip down. also worth noting: the setup is to hold neutral as you land and press b to grab the bobomb with momentum. 2 short jumps to the left and on the second jump hold it out and throw before jumping. you should land just in front of the bomb before it lands by a tiny margin so take this opportunity to turn around and grab it. also remember to line up the camera as you're moonwalking toward the gate and watch out for the chain chomp. ground pound into the star to remove any possible vertical speed that may cause you to stay in the air longer than you need to, which adds time to your run.
fun fact 7, bob:
the big bobomb is actually not a 3d model; he’s really a sprite. you can tell because the shine on his face stays in the same place relative to itself no matter what angle you view it from. this is unlike the chain chomp which instead has the shine textured onto its geometry.
i changed my mind. i'm just gonna do one fact about every star in the game, with one course per day.
course 1, Bobomb Battlefield
star 1, big bobomb on the summit:
when king bobomb is grabbed, he isn't actually moved into mario's hands. rather, he turns invisible and intangible while remaining in the same spot as when he was first grabbed. this can be seen if mario grabs him and walks to the other side of the mountain. it'll zoom out to keep where the big bobomb previously was in frame.
star 2, footrace with koopa the quick:
if mario has finished the race and is a certain distance away from koopa, koopa will increase is running speed by a fair amount. this was likely done to reduce the amount of time the player needs to wait for koopa upon completing the race.
star 3, shoot to the island in the sky:
a faster way to reach the island in the sky without the cannon or the wingcap is longjumping from the big bobomb's mountain. this can be achieved in two places. the lower area with a first frame wallkick and the summit by longjumping at the very edge of the cliff.
star 4, find the 8 red coins:
you can blj on the rising platforms to the left of the bridge leading to the chainchomp. the reason this works is because mario is immediately placed back on the ground after initiating a longjump, meaning the speed doesn't have time to be lost. this speed can be compounded in the backwards direction specifically because there is no cap to backwards speed in sm64. the reason why there are "parallel universes" in super mario 64 is because the value used for floor detection is stored as a short, rather than a floating point number. this short overflows at the 16 bit integer limit meaning that every 65536 units, the area the game detects a floor that mario can inhabit. this loops (functionally infinitely) so every 65536 units in the x or z direction of the main course, there is a copy of that course with all its floors called a "parallel universe." the limit of these pu's (short for parallel universe) is that they don't have walls, textures, objects, and crash when the camera moves to them on the original hardware of the game. worth noting is because collision is checked with quartersteps (four times per frame) in mario 64, you cannot simply travel a single PU at a time. mario's movement is truncated as the first time collision is checked (the first quarterstep) it'd be out of bounds, where the game refuses to place mario. the shortest amount of PU's mario can travel is 4 at a time. only then does every quarterstep overlap with an area that mario can inhabit and the game moves mario. we call the speed required to achieve this movement the "syncing speed" and the distance mario moves a "qpu."
star 5, mario wings to the sky:
it's possible to collect the secrets required to spawn the star without collecting the coin they're connected to. the hitbox for a secret extends slightly above the hitbox for a coin, meaning all 5 secrets can be collected coinless with an extensive goomba structure or parallel universe movement.
star 6, behind chain chomp's gate:
it's possible to ground pound chain chomp's post by falling from the island in the sky 0x.
star 7, 100 coins:
there is a ring of 9 coins per secret in the sky. with 5 secrets, this adds up to a total of 45 coins in the sky alone. at least a handful of these coins are required to spawn the 100 coin star as the amount of coins on the ground aren't sufficient. though the 5 coins from all 5 of the wooden posts in bobomb battlefield differently make a huge difference for a total of 25 coins.
here's the patent for super mario 64. knock yourselves the fuck out i'm going to sleep.
Good night man
i'm getting really fracking good at beating mario 64 during school hours on my school issued chromebook

you can't blj cause the keys on the chromebooks are fucked plus lag because shitty laptop so it's always an 70 star run at the very least but i've beaten the game at least 3 times now during school
course 2, whomp's fortress
star 1, chip off whomp's block
the dude doesn't have collision as he's falling so just jump through him and groundpound.
star 2, to the top of the fortress
there's a 1up inside the wall next to the lowest platform of the big tower.
star 3, shoot into the wlid blue
you can walljump onto the star from the lower area.
star 4, red coins on the floating isle
ligma bals
star 5, fall onto the caged island
most people know you can fall into the cage with a well placed triplejump wallkick but you can also reach it by longjumping from the fortress.
star 6, blast away the wall
ledgegrab just to the right of the wooden plank on the wall with the star in it in lakitu cam in its neutral position. quick getup and backflip with a neutral stick. punch once, and rotate the camera twice such that the camera's facing where the whomp king would be above you. lightly press down on the control stick until you ledgegrab the plank. reset the camera by shifting it left and right once, then press up on the stick then immediately hold down. mario should start running backwards. mario collects the star and downwarps. i'll now explain how this happens. mario downwarps because he collects the star with a ledgegrab. the reason he ledgegrabs is because the "wall" you need to blast away isn't part of the level geometry and is only an object. this creates a divot between the wall itself and the object that mario can ledgegrab. it just so happens that mario's position is on top of the ledge when he ledgegrabs despite the location of his model which puts him on top of the star, allowing him to collect it.
star 7, 100 coins:
you can sillykick the backs of thwomps while they're down as well as a groundpound to obtain a total of 10 coins from each thwomp. you can also clone the breakable box to get infinite coins.
course 3, cool, cool mountain
star 1, slip slidin away
it's possible to fall through the ceiling and to the bottom of the slide with a well angled long jump followed by a wallkick just to the left of the entrance to the slide
star 2, lil penguin lost
the star spawn location is located away from the penguin in the international release of the game, and directly above the penguin in the japanese version
star 3, big penguin race
the penguin refuses to give you the star and claims you cheated if you either a) spent longer than 60 frames (two seconds) in the air after initiating the race or b) touched the marker in the shortcut
star 4, frosty slide for 8 red coins
there's a pedro spot at the bottom of the slide in this course. it's called a pedro spot because it was discovered by a guy named pedro. pedro spots have a special property where mario is both airborne and grounded at the same time. this means mario can both jump and groundpound from one position. you can also build up speed when in a pedro spot, which is a very useful property.
star 5, snowman's lost his head
there's an area just outside the blue coin switch on the slide that mario must touch for the snowball to follow him. it's located above the row of 5 coins on the side of the mountain.
star 6, wallkicks will work
you can jump through the floor at the area near the tree to fall directly onto the wall kick star area. this is because that one pixel spot is the intersection of 8 floor triangles. however, two of the floor triangles' vertices were incorrectly mapped away from the intersection, allowing mario to fall through if he jumps at a very precise spot.
star 7, 100 coins:
whether or not mario faceplants in the snow or takes fall damage after diving is dependent on mario's pitch. pitch can be conserved by jumping out of water. there is water under the penguin at the bottom of the course. normally in snow, mario gets stuck rather than taking fall damage like he normally would. if mario's pitch angle is at an extreme enough angle, it won't be low enough by the time he makes contact with the ground allowing him to take fall damage even on snow.
happy 25th anniversary to super mario 64

it's an awesome game ngl
In the Wii VC version the osculating platforms in Bowser in the Fiery Sea slowly rise up from where they started eventually leaving the lava in about three hours, and in roughly 27 days crashes your game
Bowser in the Fiery Sea

bowser in the *fire sea

but yeah
you know why?

Also the title was just off the top of my head