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I got the Anne Pro 2 last year and while I really like it, I kinda wish I got a keyboard that supports QMK.
My friend might buy me a sk61 with krytox 105 and 205 or a gk61x with durock linear 62g switches lubed with krytox 105 and 205
*Cries in membrane keyboard cause he has a laptop*
What's keeping you from getting a mech keebs?
No job yet
if you like the sound of mech keebs, you can download mechvibes to make your keyboard sound better
Its a chromebook
Hmm, the title looks different
Mods, what did you do
removed non-ascii characters I think
I got the Keychron q1 a little while ago and currently in the process of lubing my gateron yellows
welcome to the forums, person! how are you today?
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