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Considering I am installing it on my Wii rn

I want to hear some opinions about it here on TCaS
I absolutely love it. I hadn't played MKWii in years, but recently I got back into it and downloaded CTGP. Some of the tracks (like Melting Magma Melee) are ludicrously difficult, but overall it's been fun playing all the new tracks.
im too scared to mod my nintendos but it sounds fun good luck bronco
Yeah, only thing is there were like 49 updates for it now there are 38


Edit 2:Done
So, how is it?
Nice, haven't got through all the new tracks but hey, all racers are unlocked, including Rosalina who you can only get by having a Super Mario Galaxy save on your Wii so that's neat
While having a SMG save is the easiest way to unlock Rosalina, it's not the only way - you can also earn one star in all Mirror Mode cups or play 4950 races.
Still, I don't think I'll get any of those

Plus I get Funky Kong as well so I can be one of those people on online mode
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