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The following is a “simple” riddle you must crack.
Only I know the secrets within..
Every word I utter is a hint.
Every thought in your mind is noble.
Vagueness hides secrets.
Lines do not.
A selection of randomness.
Fall. Sky. North. Bright.
Which holds the dim light over nothing but night.
One word answer is all.
The pen avoids the arm’s might.
Too far, fight might.
The words become a tangle of black, a twisted night.
Pour our light away, right in sight.
Very wrong.

What were you thinking?
It worked in the hedge maze.
The fact that I don’t know what that is makes me feel weird.
If we're on the topic of puzzles there's this forum
Are you advertising?
Be a good child and solve my riddle. Alright? There’s a prize!!!
give a hint
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