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how can you tell if someone is an impostor

what are your strategies

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that's a bit sussy
I’ve never played tho.

But I know enough to thrive.
okay so you vent while someone is downloading so the guy outside thinks the guy at the download vented but in reality he didn't see you vent on top of him it's genius

Seems like you’re going for luck there.
no it's about awareness and capitalizing on an opportunous opportunity
W_Licky said:

Seems like you’re going for luck there.

fortune favors the bold
In terms of reading tells, keep note of where people say they're going each round. If a player visits a region three times without finishing tasks, they're likely an impostor scouting for kills rather than a crewmate looking for tasks to complete.

The same goes for asking for someone's round pathing. If their account doesn't match up with what people say, they're likely lying. If you're playing with a good lobby though, this will be hard to catch. Instead, look for where their pathing may line up with the body or a vent to the body. This would implicate them.

As an impostor, you can avoid the first tell by just faking tasks in an efficient manner. Try to aim for all your fakes to be done by the third meeting. By then, you can claim that you're body searching or info gathering.

To mitigate the second tell, try to plan your route and make kills on said route. Open up kill opportunities by calling sabotages and closing doors. Keep in mind, though, that calling sabotages doesn't fully stop people from figuring out you did something - pathing will ultimately give you away. Never kill someone you're paired with if someone has seen you in the pair, unless you plan on killing the witness within the same round. It will most likely be brought up in the next meeting.

In the first three rounds, calling lights or reactor will allow you to make quick kills. Make sure to capitalize on kills, but not get too greedy; if three or more kills are made a round and multiple people were paired for a long enough time, they'll clear each other. You'll have a bad time going forward. Also learn to coordinate with your impostor partner. If you both can make kills while covering for each other (on the first round), you'll evade initial suspicion. Covering for each other in subsequent rounds is an iffy tell; sometimes it's a crew thing, but two impostors covering each other will make it very bad for the other when the first impostor is outed.

These are a few things I've picked up as a crewmate/impostor in Among Us. I really loved the game, but I never have a good lobby to play in, whether it's bad players or not enough players.
i think you would be really good at among us if people didnt always instantly believe whoever says "[color] sus"
Among Us is one of those games where it's better with a group of friends you know rather than randoms online. Since the text chat is limited and doesn't allow enough time for discussion, getting paired with randoms would most often lead to accusations rather than meaningful discussion.

As for strategy, most often when I'm an impostor, I'm either really good or really bad; there is no in-between. Either I get away with all of my kills and use the sabotages to redirect and distract crewmates from the body, or I get found out in a matter of seconds.

Lights are definitely the most useful sabotage, in my opinion. Emergencies are great for hiding bodies, and I don't really use communications.
Phenomenal rounds and complete rubbish rounds are also how I play, but usually in the reverse order.

I'm a stickler for social deduction games, and Among Us is still my favorite. I just wish I could get a crowd to play it again.

I think what Titan was going for before (after giving it a second read) is vision plays, and those are super fun to pull off if you know what you're doing. Going for unexpected kills would usually pin a person as their M.O, but getting that kill might also implicate others if you're skilled enough.
my brother said getting to a 3 crew situation is kind of a win as an impostor even though there's only a 50-50 chance that you don't get voted off

to him, getting that far at all is the best that an impostor can do and is the win condition you should go for.
1v2 at the end is a tricky situation. A good crew can likely read through an impostor, but the doubt is definitely there. However, you'd usually want the 1v2 to not be in a meeting; if you get to meeting, it's likely a crew win with the right people.

On the flip side, marination is key.
to who, the impostor?!
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