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So, I need some video ideas for my YouTube Channel and I want your help, feel free to talk about any other ideas to give to other users as well
collab with me uwu~
bronco im worried that you're revealing too much personal information about yourself

like your name, where you live, where your school is, and your face
I already had my YT channel before I got here, and I could delete my older videos
oh ok
I see a new video from 5 minutes ago.
Yes, I wanted to do that for my Thursday, July 15th video but i didn't have my computer so I couldn't edit it
From what I can tell you are really into making memes. For me, it's a good idea to put in a little more effort, especially in editing.

What editing software are you using?

If you want to increase your popularity, try Youtube shorts. There are guides on how to use it and thanks to that you might gain plenty of new viewers and subscribers .
#1: I use the free editing web based software Clipchamp, if I had access to a different computer other than a Chromebook I would use Adobe Premiere

#2: I don't really like the idea of shorts, and most are from shows and I dont like the 16:9 aspect ratio in a vertical state
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