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"Two-can play at that game!"

"Just wait, Bronco is gonna spam in this thread and laugh like a donkey."
How is that a bad thing?
"I thought it was punny. Now laugh."
No, I will punish you by sending you to the shadow realm
Is that a pun? Puns must be in quotes. By the way, the first pun was bronco=donkey because a bronco is a horse which is related to donkey.

Puns are ground for dismissal in my CompSci course. It's literally written in the rules that the professor will give you a zero in the lab if you respond to any question with a pun or euphemism in any form.
your professor sounds like a psychopath

or should i say...

a CompScichopath!!

^This. This is a good one.
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ok now that I know how that works, my favorite joke (not a pun but still quite good): Whats the difference between me and cancer?

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My dad didn't beat cancer
You know, the only thing flat earthers should fear is sphere itself
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