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So basically I play a game and review it, usually after I complete it highlighting the ups and downs of the game

First up:

Kirby's Epic Yarn:
It is a wonderful Kirby game to breeze through if you have enough free time, the mechanic of not being able to copy your enemies reminds me of Kirby's Dream Land
The final boss just seems too short in my opinion, just one more phase would of made it feel whole
The 3ds port of the game(Kirby's Extra Epic Yarn)does have it's criticism, but the original Wii version still holds up to this day

Any suggestions on the next game?
spelunky 2
Titanfall 2 campaign on Regular, then go up on difficulty if you think you got the hang of it.
splatoon 2
deltarune chapters 1 and 2
Okay, since deltarune is free I'll review that after I beat Chpater 2
do it

do it now

I'm not near a windows computer
did you see the sableye though
Yes, and I assume that means one of the Generation 3 games?
Get Titanfall 2, it’s only 20 bucks.
^ Servers are stable again. Everyone is happily playing and it’s totally worth the buy!
But guess who doesn't have a windows computer, or 20 dollars
You have a console?
Nope, at least not a modern one
Well which one do you have?
I have a Wii and a DSi
So no PlayStation or Xbox?
Do you have any Windows?
Thought this was about Denver at first not going to lie. Good start for them this year
I mean, you're close, my username is based off that and Manning's jersey number
Okay, since deltarune is free I'll review that after I beat Chapter 2

Deltarune Chapter's 1&2


Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
More good music from Toby Fox, and it has also a really good story
Chapter one is a basic introduction to the game and mechanics, which the game will remind you of at the start of each chapter, a much needed assistance since I generally forgot how to run after the three years since chapter one's release
There is some notes I took while playing
  • Chapter 2 does live up to the hype, and reflects that, with a new route and a (from what I heard) difficult secret boss
  • Damn that new route looks like a genocide route with you freezing/killing everything and everything running from you
  • Kris appears to have two forces inside of him, and what he did after the ending cut scene, was create the plot of chapter two and then eat the pie, doesn't seem like he got to it in chapter two, but he did create a dark fountain within his house, unlike within the library, eventually my guess, making them all over his town
i agree with you on the music

my castle town has been on loop all day today and yesterday
Cyber World's theme for me
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