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Oops I started the thread on the wrong account. Oh well.

Day 1 - Prompt: Crystal

"Eric touches a magical crystal and powerful energy is sent coursing through his arm."


i succ at drawing and this is my first year doing inktober and my first time using ink so sorry if it's bad ToT
I like it
Good to have ya titanlord mate

Remember: inktober is more about creating a habit of drawing/being creative every day than producing masterpieces and getting uber twitter followers from the hashtag.

Day 2:
Day 3 - Prompt: Vessel

Eric flexes his strength in the aftermath of day one:

Unfortunately, his strength has a fatal flaw:
Day 3-Vessel

After scavenging all their funds together, Smol Dawn and Nezuko set sail for new hopes and dreams on their own ship, hopefully they'll make it out alive with just the two of them
tasty-ass art, bronco

hope to scrape together enough time today to do a drawing because homework has been eating away at my free time the past 2 days
Day 3 - Prompt: Vessel

Eric flexes his strength in the aftermath of day one:

mag hank moment
Day 4 prompt: knot
I definitely did this on the 4th; definitely didn't get tied up being an epic video gamer.
Just do what I did and combine any days you missed till with the current day
Day 4&5 Knot/Raven
After hearing some noises coming from below deck, Dawn, as it is currently day, checks it out
She finds a person tied up down there with multiple personality disorder, one thing they agree on though is their name, Tesa
Dawn sends a raven to the ship's seller, asking for a refund as it was said that the ship had not been boarded by anyone else since construction
I see that was a lie as it also has a captain's log from the previous owner in the cabin
why is there just a foot in licky's image and an unopened pack of starbursts in bronco's
where is the starburst?
bottom right corner of bronco's image, you have to scroll right to see it
There isn't any thing other then my thumb there, and the only Starburst in my room have been eaten
Do you think I'll be the first one to say the line "once upon a midnight dreary"

Made during class:

Day 6: Spirit

Seems like the money got to dawn, but the raven however was killed upon arrival to the dock they bought the ship from, R.I.P. Raven


my drawings are shit :/

edit: i keep finding things wrong with it

oh well. this is supposed to be practice so i can improve i won't get anywhere hating my own drawing skills
It's okay Daniel, his *spirit* will always watch over you

If I had white out, then I would revise the dad's dialogue to say "Son! Son, I'm not dead! Your mom staged my funeral and buried me alive! Please help, son! I love you so much! Let me out so I can say it to your face!!"

Also, it looks like there are two fans of phantomarcade in this thread..
Day 7:Fan

Well Dawn is trying to teach all of Tesa's personalities how to cook, Nezuko is asleep in her box, thankfully on a hot day, she has a fan, impressive how they found a ship with an on board electricity generator, and plenty of power to keep it running, along with a sign to tell Nezuko that she can come out of her box

11:55 pm

finished my drawing just in the nick of time

sorry for no embed im on mobile rn
Day 8: Watch
After waking up from her nap, Nezuko sees the not night sign on, thankfully Dawn gave her a watch, she shortly falls asleep after checking the time
i love the little stories your doing with your drawings
Thanks, I like making them as well, considering that I make the story as I type it most times, it usually involves what I draw
day 8
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