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day 12: stuck

i wonder if it would be funnier with their faces swapped
what the hell
bronco hasn't responded to this yet i hope i'm not gonna get cancelled
As long as he doesn't, you should be good
Day 12 - Handsome man puts the pull in pull over

Day 13 - View from the top of ZDF headquarters
i'm not gonna format it because i think it's not even that good but anyways here's the entry i didn't post yesterday. prompt: roof.

edit: i'll format if you guys get the reference lmao
Day 14 - tick
"Another Poe reference? What is this? A high school English class?"

It's still the 14th somewhere. Probably.
Prompt: helmet, compass
Einjährig-Freiwilliger Eric tries to orient himself against an impending attack.
Prompts: moon, collide
Nice Majora's Mask art
Might be just a *bit* late with these

"Its mouth is open idk"
I like it. Crispy bacon!
I thought it was a tank til I zoomed in.

I think this counts.

Hand reveal?
Man, I have seen SLDB's face before, but I will say that this hand reveal has me hyped for the eventual elbow reveal.
My final drawings, which I definitely didn't do at the last minute:


"spark" and "connect"

"crispy" and "patch"

"risk" and "slither"

And with that, Inktober 2021 is over. See you next year (maybe)
Yeah, I kinda stopped after a few
Is that Iron Sheik in the 2nd one?
No it's my OC Captain Walrus (do not steal)

Although now that I've looked it up I can see the resemblance.
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