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A personal art thread for me to ramble on about any of the stuff that I'm up to creatively + drawings that I'm working on. I've been meaning to rework my public art account so maybe I'll brush up on that too. Anyone else who wants to talk about art are also welcome to chime in, once I get this thread up and running.

It's somewhat too easy for me to rely too much on finding validation through likes and numbers,
so maybe I can work on being more constructive through more direct ways of feedback.
i feel bad because i was initially planning on coming here and telling you about how there's already so many art threads but i feel even worse about changing my mind after seeing that it was you who made this thread
No worries.
Yeah, this thread is sort of a shot in the dark since there are some older art threads that I do want to revive, but have been a bit too buried from inactivity & would (probably) become inactive again after a few days.
I wanted someplace to talk about art in addition to just sharing it!
okay privateinspectorkidd i support your artistic endeavors


i don't know how to express support

"go privateinspectorkidd! i believe in you!"

does that work
haha, yeah that's fine
I appreciate it! Thanks!
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