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Dump a bunch of symbolism stuff you associate emotions with or use for art I guess? Not sure exactly but I'll go first;

Dripping liquids or melting usually comes to me when I'm tired, like a character crying big droopy tears with heavy eyes to match, thats what exhaustion is in my art. I love drawing dopey slime characters and having a constant tired expression as well.

Physical wounds represent emotional ones (kinda obvious), when I 'broke up' with a crush I drew random creatures and characters with their necks or limbs cut in half, accompanied by that dripping blood and tears, and they tended to be in that dinosaur 'death pose'.

Fruit comes up a lot, I like fruit lol. I think it stands in for some sort of commentary on femininity and not knowing the true person. Like a cartoony fruit head on a stereotypically attractive womans body. I haven't thought about this one that much tbh.

Might add more later but I like having discussions about symbolism and our own personal relations with certain things :)
I think I understand this thread.

I use swirls to express mild happiness, or boredom.
Spikes for me usually express suprise.
Straight stripes convey neutrality.
Hills can express envy, or curiosity.
Abstract shapes are used for showing unknown things, or things of higher level than others.
i draw rocks cus they look cool
What do the rocks symbolize?
that's cool
I know right.
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