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Slave state 1821 missouri compromise
Wisconsin currently has a lot of rain because we are at 36° F
stripes said:
i miss snow. i wish flordia had snow

I wish Louisiana had it too. Good thing hurricane season is over.
Slave state 1821 missouri compromise

1821? Isn't it 1820?
Probably. You're better at history than me.

Also what happened to this thread?
Havent posted in it for a few, I will over the weekend
Yay. I miss Kuriboh.
edit oh forgot to mark for spoilers the below contains spoilers for the waking the dragons arc of the yugioh anime that may or may not be canon

Spoiler text below. Highlight to read.
Yugi's such an idiot (or Yami, I guess)

He activated the seal of orichalcos in his duel with Raphael for literally no reason

The only possible motivation he could have for activating it is because he wanted to take Raphael's soul for some dark, twisted reason

But that clearly wasn't his motivation so he activated because he's a complete fool
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