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Nyooooom. Speedrunning seems cool. I've always been too nervous to try it but now that I've tried Portal I think I'll give it a shot.

Do any of you speedrun? Do you do it casually or competitively? What's your favorite game to speedrun? I'd like to know.
I dont think this thread was made recently... if it has been then ... I wouldnt be surprised.
I should try speedrunning too. Ever hear of The Binding of Isaac? When I get repentance, I'll try a speedy.

Hehehe. "Speedy" sounds inappropriate.
I can't afford that game, sadly. But I've heard of it. I played it with my friends on Parsec one and got my butt kicked.
Yeah, it's kinda hard. Fun when you play it a lot. Sorry you can't afford it.
I do a Minecraft death speed run sometimes.
I speedrun games if I feel like it

I only submitted one run to though
What placement did it get?

BTW, truth be told I cheated on the Portal challenge maps but that's because I don't feel like doing them right now. I'll Definitely Get Back To Them Later. Trying to 100% the game atm. Only fully complete game since Gnog.
It got 14th, if you want to watch the run, its on my yt channel
Hey, that's not bad.
Very nice!
I don't mean to brag but I am the first and only person to ever hold a Space Squirrel full game run speedrun world record.
Watch me get a WR on sentient sandwich. You really shouldn't test me.
caveat said:
I do a Minecraft death speed run sometimes.

i have like 8 seconds on bedrock seed 42069 or 69420, i forgot
i think this was 1.17, 1.18 maybe?
Oh now I have to beat you.
speedrun real life, i dare you
Speedrunning real life is just being a miscarriage.
lol. makes sense
Just spent 20 mins in the stronghold looking for the end portal, only for it to have 0 eyes filled while I was carrying 11.
didn't say it was mine tho
wow you suck at speedrunning
no offense
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