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Flags, eh? Coolest things ever. Let's talk about em'!
Let's start of with the Union Jack of the UK. Tell me about what it represents. Complain to me about how it doesn't include Wales. Tell me about how much you like it!
It is asymmetrical enough to have a right way and a wrong way, but not asymmetrical enough to have it be immediately obvious. Boooooo.
USA's flag gets a bad rep for being too complicated, but you have to admit it is really distinctive (at least from flags not directly copying it, looking at you, Liberia and Malaysia) and looks reaaaaaaaalllly good when flying.

That being said, Barbados flag is best flag.
A simple flag is a good flag.

But it should also be recognizable.

Like France's flag during the Bourbon restoration.
Today, I am here to say:

I love Seychelles. Such a neat, unique flag.
It's better than most.

Brazil went too far with the text on their flag. But flags like Iraq also have writing, just in Arabic.
In my very unpopular opinion, I think a tiny bit of text is ok on some flags, like Saudi Arabia. That one's pretty good.
Text is hard to duplicate accurately.
Eh, I guess that's right. Sorry about that.
Does Colorado's flag count?
I always saw the C as a symbol, not a letter. But, everyone has opinions.
Well, only one letter can't be hard to duplicate?
The Union Jack is a simple flag with a complex history. It doesn't include Wales because when the original Union Jack started in 1606, Wales was already part of England (at least from a political standpoint), having been annexed in 1536.

I don't like flags which show the geographic country on them, like Kosovo or Cyprus. Get some imagination.
I think Brazil partly does this. How do you feel about Brazil?
I don't like Brazil's flag. I think it's got too much happening. And the disc in the middle, to me it looks like a football. Maybe because they're so into football, but it looks like they're just waving a football.

Someone needs to have a word with Chad and Romania, their flags are near-identical. New Zealand had a referendum a few years back about changing its flag, and one of the main reasons given was its similarity to Australia's flag. But there are so many flags out there even more similar. Poland, Monaco and Indonesia are pretty much the same.
I agree with everything you just said. Our opinions are quite alike on this matter.
Any flag with a full blown crest or seal on it is bad. Like Mexico, Ecuador, etc. They tend to have words and it’s a mess.

Unfortunately, most state flags have seals. Like Idaho. Even worse, states like Kansas and Arkansas just plastered their state name on their flags.

Where’s the inspiration??? A flag should be recognizable, easy to replicate, meaningful, and simple. No words, seals, etc.
Mexican flag is awesome.
It is, even with it's complicated design. Lots of history around the Mexican flag.
It does look nice, but under the rules of vexillology, it's mediocre at best.
I got Chad and Romania as multiple choice options in the World Geography game a few months ago, and I neglected to take a screenshot. The game has since enhanced the difference in the hues of the blues.
Ireland and Côte d'Ivoire
did they build the uk's flag off of england's flag

oh did they combine scotland and england's flag to make the uk flag
I must say, not everyone likes the flag of Mongolia, but I think it has the perfect amount of detail. What do you guys think?
did they build the uk's flag off of england's flag

oh did they combine scotland and england's flag to make the uk flag
The UK flag combines the Cross of St. George for England (then including Wales), the Cross of St. Andrew for Scotland, and the Cross of St. Patrick for Northern Ireland. Unlike the other two, the Cross of St. Patrick is little-used independently. It originally stood for the entire island of Ireland, which was part of the UK from 1801 - 1922. Northern Ireland remaining in the UK saved the bother of changing the flag.
Not all U.S. state flags are bad.

I'm a big fan of Colorado, New Mexico, and Maryland.

But I cannot say the same for Oregon, Washington, the older flag for Mississippi, and Wisconsin.

Also, Alabama and Alaska are a bit bland, but I do still like them.

I'd hate to admit it, but the flag of Rhode Island is really nice as well. People make fun of me for liking it sometimes. I hope they don't ever change it.
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