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honestly no matter how many times somebody explains them to me, nfts sound pretty fucking stupid when you think about it; it's essentially a digital receipt that tells you "you bought this now fuck off" so if yall want to probably argue over my point go ahead door's open

edit: no fucking way they made a show based on nfts what has this world come to
this and the floydies like bro what is wrong with people these days
Sounds about right, yeah.
I'm still new to NFTs, but there are definitely some projects out there that are more than receipts for an image. Full 3D assets, experiences, play to earn, etc. that will be built out this year. It'll definitely be an interesting space to watch.
some nfts let you play golf with richard from home improvement
My take on NFTs is that they are remarkably similar to Bitcoin: they have remarkable promise and genuine use, but people immediately make them money-grubby and take it to the worst possible use case.

NFTs are applicable in a variety of situations and industries where they would be welcomed as a decentralized way of keeping track of digital tokens. It's just that they were immediately applied to an industry that is already a financial scam. Art is the worst usage for it.
The projects I think will be very successful do not take the "easy way to make money" approach. They are thinking out the use cases and working on enabling them.
Though, as an artist, it sucks to see art theft and impersonations to be inflated over the hustle of NFTs.
Although there are a few things that I don't agree with NFTs in general as well as there still being a lot to research, if an artist decides to mint their works then that is not really something that I am to control.

Since marketplaces like OpenSea, if I remember correctly, does not require initial fees to mint their files and charged when the NFT is purchased, accounts could upload rather massive amounts of stolen artwork without no upfront costs, especially when bots are involved. Some of those are bound to be bought by someone with money sent to the wrong person.
I've seen more hate for NFTs in my circle of twitter than for any other subject. If you engage with NFTs, your art is trash and you might as well be personally burning down an entire rain forest. That or the whole thing is a money laundering scam.
There are projects that are offsetting the carbon consumption of their NFTs.
I've seen artists pack carbon recapture with an NFT purchase but I haven't seen a big organized effort or anything. I haven't seen a report on how much carbon is being offset the same way I've seen extensive reporting on how much carbon is being generating but like I said, from where I'm standing, I've basically only seen negative press.
I don't have heaps of projects on my radar, but I know that Fluf World is carbon neutral and Altered State Machine is carbon positive. They both work with Carbonclick to offset their carbon, which I find pretty cool.
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