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Acky suggested it, it's not a bad idea. I've been working on conlangs for three years now, and I know from experience there's a couple of other people on the forum who are interested in it. So consider this a centralized area to share ideas, excerpts, and experiences.
Say, if someone were to make a TwoCans language, they would want more than just one person to work on it, right?
Because, you know, languages.
So far, I have a Google Doc with just a few basic things on it, so would it be appropriate to share that?
You can do it however you feel like doing it. But if you actually plan on using the language, it can help to let other people give inputs.
Alright, I'll put a link here and in my profile.

linky link

Tell me if something about it doesn't work.
Access denied, you probably need to turn on link sharing.

Also, I normally tend to just yell my rules at people instead of working with them. My languages are often built from long rants.
I see. Give me a moment, and I will edit this here post to include the link.

Edit: Oh, fuck this shit. I'm not allowed to share google docs, apparently. Sometime, when I get on a device that won't fuck with me, I'll share it.
I am potentially interested in (at least the idea of) some kind of TwoCans collaborative conlang project. But I've started a lot of projects that have unfortunately petered out relatively early on, so I think it would help to discuss what exactly this project would be. Because "Make a TwoCans conlang" is not nearly specific enough of a goal to actually be achievable.
I guess I have to agree. Let's see how long this little project takes to tank.

By the way, if you are "just a bit" jaded, how jaded exactly is that? What's the percentage?
Well, the goal is still for it not to tank. I just think it's worth discussing who exactly's interested in the project and what exactly they expect to get out of it, so that everyone's on the same page.

As for my own jadedness: 12.5% of a byte.
I don't know about you, but if I'm super duper passionate about a project, then I don't tend to give up super duper easily.

Also, what happens when someone reaches 100% jadedness?
If you're the kind of person who can sustain a project on sheer force of will, then more power to ya. I just know that I'm not that kind of person.

100% jadedness obviously means that someone just becomes jade (like the mineral) (like literally).
Besides making a TCAS conlang being very fun (despite the fact that I've never done that before), I've done some digging and found Toki Pona. Kidding, of course. I knew about it a very long time ago. I figure that while we're making this conlang (together, I hope. i'd love to chime in) me or some other weird individual can learn Toki Pona and speak in Secret Code Langwej unbeknownst to the mods. Speaking of conlang, I should try making an esolang sometime, as in programming. Sounds fun. I've just got no ideas. O pona, omekapo.
Yeah. Would it be alright if I copy-pasted what I have so far from the doc to here?

Ike ala, go for it.

Vowel sounds all make a “h” sound at the end of their letter.
Pronunciation is always gentle. Emphasis on syllables is optional.
The letter K is never used. It is always replaced with C.
The letter Y is never used. It is always replaced with Ē
C will never make a “se” noise. It will always be said with “se”.
Positive words will end in -s, but negative words will end in -n.
Transition words always start with a vowel.


He, him, his = ra
She, her, hers = pa
They, them, theirs, one, one’s, it, it’s = la

Names will always be pronounced the same, but with the rules of Kennidinian.
However, names with 2 repeating letters will always be spelt with 1 letter. For example:
Jessica becomes Jesica (jeh-sih-cuh)
Kenny becomes Cenē (ceh-neh)
Erikka becomes Erica (ehr-ihc-cah)

There's more, but all the rest is all unfinished crap.
Pona, excited to see where this goes! I'm using a nimi lipu sitelen for the Toki Pona by the way, just for the hell of it. Nimi lipu sitelen is my attempt at saying "dictionary" by the way. There are only a few words in the language, so you have to get creative occasionally. In my case, that literally means "word book" (I hope, if I'm getting the grammar correctly).

I'll be sure to keep an eye on this and help you guys work on it as well, hopefully. Might be a good excuse for a tu nanpa second language.
Ko di miik aldavi'i de zu miikoor. Di ol uutok waajni`i lok du noaldi`i.

I am also willing to try. My knowledge [lit. 'mind hoard'] may help.
Vowel sounds all make a “h” sound at the end of their letter.

Slurs and the schwa may make this cumbersome.
Positive words will end in -s, but negative words will end in -n.

I guarantee you from experience this will make your life 100% harder, but you can go with it.
Transition words always start with a vowel

This will also make life difficult, but you can go with it. Compound transitions will be annoying ("however, if" for example.).
Jessica becomes Jesica (jeh-sih-cuh)
Kenny becomes Cenē (ceh-neh)
Erikka becomes Erica (ehr-ihc-cah)

You'll need tight rules, since that could be "je-sigh-ca" and "sinnee" if you're not careful. Repeated letters are important since they help to unconsciously guide your mind towards the right letter stress ("loses" vs "losses" is a great example of this). You can work around it, but you'll have to be very deliberate with how you structure things.
Thank you for the advice. I'll try to make it better.

By the way, the no double letters rule is just for people's names.
Where's my phonetics chart??!?!?!?!?! I demand to see a manager, how can I SPEAK?!!!?!? If I don't even know the SOUNDS!?!?!?! I'm SUPPOSED....?????? TO MAKe!!>!>!>1@>!@>#!?@?#

Of course, I'm joking. I'll probably only be writing this down and not speaking it but take your time regardless.
I mean, some IPA wouldn't hurt…
Word up, I guess.
By the way, the no double letters rule is just for people's names.

Cooper, Isaac, Brook, and Hoover suddenly don't feel so good.
Toki Pona.

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