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try and pet them. its okay if they bite

i dont know anything about cave story
Cave Story sounds like a wild trip. I have it on Wii. I should try it.
Try shooting the rabbits with lazer guns. I happen to know a guy.
I love you for making this thread.
What about a knife?

Dont have my Chromebook so I can't use the font
I dunno. Give it a shot.
Wrong thread?

Edit: Nevermind, you edited your post.
dang i need to beat this game. got stuck on a boss and kinda fell off.
Which boss are you stuck on?
I got stuck on the "boss rush" at the end of the game, during a normal run in the freeware version. Might give it another shot on Cave Story+.
Wait, there's a boss rush

*Screams internally*
Yup. Three or more bosses in a row without any saving or health pickups. Don't say I didn't warn you.
I'm not even done with Plantation
Double post but YOLO

1. I'm done with Plantation.
2. I missed the dog giving you the Life Capsule and Health Potion at the end of Plantation on my DS save.
3. I did not know you can get the Spur and Booster 2.0, I am an idiot.
Last Cave is a major pain without the Boster 2.0.

For the final battle series, take your time and remember to wait for their patterns. Same goes for that other thing unless you're specifically there to speedrun it. IIRC my times are in the ten-minute range, lol.
I never beat the secret final stage, on the Switch version.
Did you on PC? If you're not going for speed you can grind Heavy Press for health.
i sux at this game i cant get past the first boss
The Balrog fight at Minigma Village?
I got past that first try.
Same here

its optional
A few months ago, I got my boyfriend to try Cave Story+ with me, via co-op on the Switch version.

They absolutely love it, and they were equally disturbed and intrigued when I showed how to get Chako's Lipstick.

We left off at the Labyrinth shop, but we might be able to complete the game before the year is over. We only get to visit so often before we move in.
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