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Tomodachi Life is a slightly obscure game for the Nintendo 3DS. I really love it, and now that my 3DS is fixed, I can play it again!

Now then, I've just started a new island and named it Chicken Island. I have added myself and Muck. Somehow, after just 15 minutes, our characters are already in a loving relationship. Now then, I am looking for other characters to add. Who do you recommend? I would prefer permission to add real users of TwoCans just for fun.
You got my permission
Shit, I put this in the wrong category!!
You also said it was for the DS when it is only(so far)for the 3DS
Fixed that. I wish it was on Switch.
i want to be real on chicken island
what is tomadachi life
Its a Mii based life simulator for the 3DS
is it still buyable
oh :(
At least not in retail
I mean, you can still get your hands on a copy if you find it at a pawn shop. I got the game when it was still 40 bucks, and it was worth it.
You're a post away from 69 posts.
fuck, im a 5 year old kid now that constantly talks about among us and huggy wuggy
I remember abusing the TTS songs.
Islanders so far on my island:

  • Me
  • Muck
  • BroncoBoy18
  • Michael Jackson
  • Hoylecake
  • Nordict

I need to figure out more girls I can add. Muck is the only one.
Oh I love tomodachi life. I have it but my 3DS's charging port broke and 3DS is expensive now.
i love Tomodachi life
All this Tomodachi business, with shifting up personalities to get Miis to get along, to glance at the wiki and give Miis apartments they'll love based on their personalities, is reminding me of My Singing Monsters. I love it.
Well, this is kinda me, if you want another "female" character on your island!

Birthday is 01/02/2004. Favourite color is purple. I don't care what else you put in the info box nor what voice you choose for me.

Movement: Pretty quick.
Speech: A little polite.
Expressiveness: A little flat.
Attitude: Pretty serious.
Overall: Very quirky.
Thank you very much. I am adding you right now.

EDIT: Also pro tip: If you see an orange friend icon for a Mii currently in a rocky relationship (Getting Along OK or lower) with their sweetheart/spouse, SAVE the game! If they do unfortunately break up, you can reload the save and it will all be okay again.

If you want a more 'authentic' experience, never mind the advice.
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