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Tea. TEEAA. TEEEEAAA. Green tea. Lemon tea. Vanilla tea. Hot tea. Cold tea. Tee. Te. Harbatu. Chai. Thee. Téi. That warm stuff you like to drink when you're cold and don't want hot chocolate. Talk about tea and how good it is!
Ice Tea. mmm
Yeeessssss. I find iced tea best served without any flavor whatsoever. Just bitter, icey goodness.
I like the lemon stuff.
Honestly, I don't think I've ever tried a bad flavor of tea. They're all great.
I had a fruity one that was really gross one time.
Oh, yeah, those artificial ones I've heard aren't very good. I'm not exactly sure if they classify as "tea", or if it's just marketing.
I'm not sure. It was gross.
What I've noticed about flavors for pretty much anything, is that if you get the weird candy-flavored flavor it's almost always never good. Ever had Skittles Water?
Earl Grey is fantastic.
I agree. It doesn't have much sweetness at all, and that makes it good.
Lipton sells packets that let you make tea, like the iced tea that they sell in bottles. Very good. Worth it.
Does Lipton make unsweet tea?
I'm not sure. I like sweet tea.
Sweet tea makes my throat feel weird, but it's pretty good.

Say, I wonder who's gonna come along and talk about a minty flavor of tea soon.
Hmmm... I don't know.
I will.
I would like to try it.
(she doesn't like tea, that i know of)
Wait, really? I wonder where the username came from then.

Actually, mint tea sounds good. After all, it's made with leaves. Some leaves are super minty.
It's one of her names. It's not first, but it could be middle or last.
Without telling you her name because I'm a good friend.
mmmm tea. I like green tea but I haven't had the chance to try many flavours
You just made a cat die a horrible death.
RIP to the Teavana walls of old. A bastion of the dying malls everywhere, for they are what got me into tea.
More recently I'll just buy loose leaf from small shops or online suppliers. Despite how many I've tried, a minty green tea on ice has always been my favorite. I ordered one of those big glug things you used to find at gas stations off ebay, just so I can really indulge when I'm in the mood.

My two favorite places to go:
Mòlìhuā chá
i never really got why people like their tea unsweet. its really bitter. i like the extremely sweet flavors
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