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hi im the 55 year old war veteran and ive been buying dc figures, and i have a lot to talk about so yeah make sure to follow this thread for updates on what im doing with my swagalicious dc figures.
wow i love dc figures so much i have like a lot of them
hi guys, bad news...i need 94 more figures to complete my dc multiverse collection. For context, I have 94 figures. So 50% yay! Oh also, another thing to look forward to, i will be rating my top 10 dc figures soon. Expect that tomorrow. anyways im going to go cry.
how did you fluctuate between using proper grammar and not using it
I want Batman the animated series figures by DC direct but they all cost like $50-1,000+ i hate my life oh my god. If anyone has any, DM me so i can give you my address and you can deliver it via bird.
you will be ok 💔
hello fellow humans and/or dc figure collectors, as of now i am broke!! Im trying to save my money so i can buy more Batman animated series figures. So now i have two figure collections, DC figures by Mcfarlane and DC Collectibles Batman the animated series.
why do you fluctuate between capitalizing and not capitalizing
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