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Y'all, this thread is necessary for my survival. Talk about instruments, the ones you play, the ones you enjoy, the ones you hate, the ones you wish you played. Any of y'all play bass?

Be warned, I'll talk about Alowishus, Devadander, and Abercrombie here WAY more than necessary.
While your talking about bass, ima be making this thread saxy 🎷🎷🎷
Hey, don't need to go Trumpeting your own beliefs right away.
i like piano
Do instruments of torture count
I absolutely despise bell instruments. Vibraphones, xylophones, marimbas, anything that has to be hit to make a melody. It just... it's just... why?!?! Why bother with this thing? I came to percussion so I could hit a drum, not to bang a wooden block and do the equivalent of playing a piano with 10x the effort. Absolutely useless in my eyes. I wish I could play anything else but I'm pretty sure it's already too late.
Would a kazoo count as a real instrument?
If it plays music then it's an instrument.
So mayonnaise is an instrument
Majority rules.
Mayonnaise is not an instrument, you dingus.
edit ninjad

someone else agrees with me
i no longer concede
God. Damn it.
Hey NERDS. Do any of y'all play an orchestral instrument?
No, I SNEER at anyone that does

not really lol. just the five capital letters reminded me of change one letter
Do any of y'all play an orchestral instrument?

Is the sax considered orchestral
I play tenor and alto
I'd say that's brass, but no shit? That's cool.
I play tuba, trombone, bass trombone, and euphonium well. I play some trumpet, a little piano, I sing, and I am planning to take guitar lessons in the near future. I'm also a music education major so that makes sense, to some effect.
I also can play a few notes on most instruments. I take classes on it for my degree.
That rocks.

Give me a second, I am gonna write a rant about Devadander. Maybe Abercrombie too.
I pley da drum.
Droom. All droom? Specific drom? I wondur. Also neverming.
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