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i used to play clarinet when i was in band
Why did y'alls quit?
the teacher was a big creepy creep and money issues
Uh oh. I wouldn't want that to stop you from playing an instrument you enjoy.
its ok i stopped enjoying it anyway now i want to learn piano and guitar and drums ESPECIALLY drums
Precussion is decently easy to learn
However, piano is percussion and that is difficult
That would be cool. Both of those instruments I actually regret never learning.
acky you can still learn them
Piano is (relatively-speaking) easy to pick up. It depends on the songs you want to play, of course, but it is fairly simple to start learning at any point. You can learn Let It Be in thirty minutes, Hey Jude in two hours, and Megolovania in a day if you're willing to sit through it.

Training to be a classical pianist is overrated. Learn 80's rock songs and meme songs, they're easier and more fun to play. You just need to understand some basic chords, their inversions, and (if you're feeling spicy), some sevenths and suspends. If you want to be really spicy, you can learn the leads.

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i learn music that i like on the piano
axolotl said:
acky you can still learn them

Three instruments is 'nuff for me.
How hard is guitar to learn?

I have on old guitar that i got for free w while ago that i have been thinking about learning
"Hard" is subjective. Your instrument experience will help. That's what I think.
How hard is guitar to learn?

Not super hard, same as other instruments. Fingering is a little hard to do quickly but not hard in theory, you just have to take it slow. Hope you are fine with your fingers hurting for a bit though.
Grow some calluses and you'll be set.
Ah mah gawd. I just got some money. Gonna see if I can buy Tribe XR and learn DJing.
ive been wanting to get into DJing but I don't really know where to start
Do you have a headset?

i also have a pair of HS5s
You should try Tribe XR. $30. Good way to test the waters of DJing without having to buy any fancy $1,000 equipment. It should be on every VR platform ever.

If I recall, it has lessons and one-on-one tutoring, as well as live shows.
execpt for i dont have any way to do vr
I can't find a way to actually slap a bass properly. It's just not working out. Wish it was. I'll try again when I get home.
I hate that this might make people feel bad, and I don't mean this as a humble brag. I really needed this thread too, because, along with me playing 9 different instruments, I also sing.
i play trombone (although i missed my lesson last week and haven't practiced since tuesday, so do i REALLY play? :P ) and i'm going to be starting harpsichord lessons in january! it's my first keyboard instrument and i'm excited :D
I haven't actually practiced my violin in two and a half years and still say I play it.
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