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Y'all play violin? That rocks, tell me more.
caveat said:
I haven't actually practiced my violin in two and a half years and still say I play it.

Literally me with string bass. I'm planning to try out for orchestra but since I'm so rusty I doubt I'll make it; I was only a slightly better-than-average player at my high school
12 string Ibanez acoustic. Very cool looking. It's one of those things where 2 strings each are close to each other and tuned the same for a real rich sound.
32 string bass
Y'all haven't seen a real instrument 'till you've seen Pure Data. Or Max / MSP.
Now THAT'S an instrument of torture!
If you asked any major artist in the universe who has probably used similar software at least once in their life I'm sure they would say otherwise.

It's nice. Lets you actually take control of how you want to make your music. At first glance it seems ridiculously complicated, but it really just boils down to how many object names you know. You don't drag them out of a toolbox like in Blockly or Scratch, you press Ctrl+1 and type in its name. They have outlets and inlets, marked by the black squares, that can have things connected to them. Objects with tildes at the end transport audio signals rather than data. For example, "* 0.5" multiplies the input by 0.5, while "*~ 0.5" makes the gain of the audio input 50%, or half of the volume.

Arguments for an object go after the name, so there is a clear distinction between what the name of the object is and what arguments are being passed in; it's just a string of characters and maybe a tilde. the "osc~" object takes one argument, the hertz of the oscillator. If you wanted it to be 440, you would rename it to "osc~ 440". Making a simple sine wave synth is as simple as:

[osc~ 440] :: 440Hz oscillator
[*~ 0.5] :: reduce gain
[dac~] :: feed into left and right channels of digital-to-analogue converter so we can hear it

Got it?
hoylecake said:
Got it?

Even less but thanks

Here's something I hacked up in around five minutes. It's my first project that doesn't follow a tutorial. It's simple as all hell, just a synth with a variable Hz that can be turned on and off.
while synthesizers are indeed instruments, i think they are complicated enough to warrant their own thread.

This thread was intended more for non-electronic instruments if I understand it right

that is cool tho
The title of the thread is literally just Instruments. I'm sure acky wouldn't mind if I were to exploit its broadness.
I've fucked around with synths before, but only with my Grandfather's Moog. That forever turned me off the idea since it was so damn intimidating and complicated (physically wiring the modules together in chains). Maybe I should start looking back into them, I've had LMMS sitting on my laptop for a while now.
Synthesizers are actually something I'm a bit more fond of than drums because they feel a lot more general and extensible. I still get confused by a lot of them but I've been able to wrap my head around most of any synth's functionality.
I would kill to be able to have a physical synth.

For a while i was considering buying the arturia microfreak
I would kill to be able to have a physical synth

They are relatively overrated, besides the quickly-degrading novelty of physically connecting modules and (negligible) quality for high-end audiophiles.

Source: family has a Moog, cannot get rid of it for a decent price, almost nobody uses it because programmable EPs serve that purpose better and with more flexibility.
I guess
Vital is fucking hot and Serum is out of my reach but once I get a source of income I will be purchasing that or similar. I'll probably purchase a Reason and FL license and see if I can wrap my head around the brilliant (yet fucky) modularity of Reason. Oh, and Max/MSP for tinkering since that is usually what I spend most of my time being. I don't like using shit other people have made which is why I refrain from using samples and predefined instruments and prefer to create my own. I will, however, probably purchase a physical synthesizer just because they have always interested me and I think taking them apart and making a Frankenstein's Synthesizer would be fucking awesome.

Hopefully eventually music will click for me.
hoylecake said:
I don't like using shit other people have made which is why I refrain from using samples

do you mean like all samples in general?
I can get behind not using melody loops or drum loops, but always use drum samples in my tracks

also I have a huge bank of vital presets that other people have made, they are great starting points so I don't have to start from scratch with every vital patch I make

hoylecake said:
Hopefully eventually music will click for me.

I'm waiting for it to happen to me as well
do you mean like all samples in general?

Yes. All of them. I want my shit to be as original as possible unless I am completely unable to go to the lengths to support that. Pure Data or Max / MSP is like giving a saw or a sander to a woodworker.
you make your own drum samples?

I have no clue how to do that
I had an awesome dream about an instrument. It looked and functioned like some kind of electric viola, but it sounded like a bass and had no wires whatsoever. It was also painted bright race car red. If that really existed, I would lose my mind.
Oh wow this exists. I too play a number of instruments. I play (in order of when i started playing) piano, euphonium, mallet percussion, regular percussion, piano again, and trumpet. I also (probably) sing

I also tried to get into music production with fl studio, and immediately got overwhelmed and moved to making 8 bit music which is less whelming
whoa can i hear your whelming 8 bit music
If you want to hear a few of the Friday Night Funkin' songs I wrote, go to my youtube SoundtracksByLucas
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