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Is anyone in or interested in the BSA program?
Yes I am in scouts and I hate it my troop is run so inefficiently I cannot wait to get my eagle and leave.

I will hopefully have my eagle project done this summer
Urgh I hates scouts. Cub scouts, boy scouts, girl scouts, all of it. In boy scouts some kid showed me their wee-wee on a camp trip.
i was a scout for like a year or 2. i was a wolf cub

pack 3222
I would not post that. That is very identifiable information.
Not really there are different councils. The number is very specific but there could be any other council with that pack number.
Just saying, it's not very difficult to find or narrow down. It's like announcing the name of the school you go to.
technically culd i rejoin BSA?
at the age of 19?
You could join as an adult leader for a pack or troop.
even though i was only a scout for a year?
My troop had a leader who joined because he never got to go to Philmont as a scout, so he joined the troop and went with our Philmont crew
lol. i would do that
I really want to go to a world jamboree. This year it's in Korea and my committee chair is going with another troop.
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